Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for June 16th – 18th

Craig Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge for June 16th thru the 18th. Although fishing has been spotty here in the Craig area the past three days fishing was ok.  Having 3 boats not all boats limited on Kings every day depending on where you decided to go fishing. Noyes Island has been a on off again area so if you decide to go on the wrong day it may not go well for you. It has been tougher on these three days but overall fishing was ok, I will add that there are an abundance of shaker or under 28″ Kings which are fun to land but don’t end up in the cooler.

We landed 3 GAF halibut so that helped quite a bit with the catch poundage along with sea bass, ling cod and yellow eye. Right now as I am writing this the boats are out and last two days including today the boats limited on Kings by 8:30 a.m.

Harry Saal group with a nice rack of fish.

Marsden Blanch family with lots of fish.

Jeff Vandel group with their great catch of fish.

so maybe it is looking up. Unfortunately the King salmon limits will be set back to one come July 1st so a non resident will only be able to retain one King salmon for the trip up. We are hoping the Silver salmon show up very soon!!

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 31st – August 2nd, 2017

And more Kings

Pahor’s 21st year at Kingfisher Lodge.

Prince of Wales Sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska July 31 – August 2nd. This past week was even better than the previous 3 days fishing with more large Coho and King salmon showing up. Most boats should be limiting on Coho and King salmon if they target them. Halibut and bottom fishing remain the same and weather was outstanding sunny warm weather with no w

Kings, Kings, Kings

ind and flat calm seas!! ( I need to whisper that word). For those of you coming to the Craig area or with us cross your fingers and say your prayers that the remainder of the month continues with what we have had this past week. My son in law has been out trolling and says in one day he released 50 large Kings so I hope they keep coming in. I also want to mention and Thank Bob and Joan Pahor from Las Vegas as this is their 21st year at Kingfisher Lodge, thanks for all your loyal business, and  Thanks for reading my report and enjoy the pictures. More on our Facebook page.

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 26th – 28th, 2017

Kings for everyone!

OGrady, OHare family’s

Craig Alaska sport fishing report for July 26th thru the 28th on the southwest side of Prince of Wales island. Salmon fishing remains strong as both Coho and King salmon have been being caught in good numbers in the Craig area. Limits for both species have been fairly easy to procure the past couple of weeks although sometimes the King salmon are a crap shoot, it seems the past few days there were more king salmon getting caught. August 1st will shut down the Yellow eye rockfish limits until I believe the 27th of the month so don’t plan on being able to keep a Yellow eye. Ling cod and halibut the same limits. ADF&G feels the fishery needs to be closed (although there have been large numbers of the Yellow fish where ever we go) they believe there is a reduction in numbers, we can only trust that their management is correct and erring on conservative measures is always best on such a long lived fish, but we also hope it isn’t just for allocation issues. Klawock river hatchery now operated by SSRAA and run by Jeff Lundberg are doing a great job and we attribute the strong Coho runs to this hatchery. Jeff says this run is looking like the 2013 run when there were lots of fish, we are hoping it continues, great job Jeff! Check out our Facebook for more pictures.

The Dario trio.

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 22nd – 24th, 2017

Don’t find these in Nebraska!

Alaska sport fishing report for July 22nd thru the 24th for the Craig area on Prince of Wales island. Weather was our friend the past 3 days with ideal ocean conditions and salmon fishing as good as it can get for Coho salmon. King salmon are still being caught and our boats landing part if not all limits each day, and same for most boats fishing in the Craig area. Coho limits seem to be quite easy to fill with hardly any Pink salmon being caught…(I say that with trepidation). I like to have some pinks around as they make great halibut bait but past 3 days I never even had one on. The commercial seiners have not been fishing much off Noyes island so that might be the reason but we don’t miss the seiners since they scoop up lots of Coho when they are stretching out their nets, and when they do we see a drop in numbers. Commercial trollers are saying it is slow Coho fishing off shore so not sure what that means if we will see a drop off in our sport numbers or not but for now it has been steady and good. Halibut fishing has been good but putting in many hours trying to find a quality size fish say 38″ to 44″. We have been spending up to an hour a fish at times and been fishing a large area scouting but not finding any consistency anywhere. There seem to be a large number of oversize halibut 46″ up to 65″ and have landed and released some in the 70″ plus size. The largest landed for a GAF halibut has been 72″ if my memory is correct.
That is what I have to report for now, thanks for reading my report and all those who come fishing at Kingfisher lodge in Craig, we appreciate your business, we love catching fish!! Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 15th – 20th, 2017

A great day fishin

Another great day at sea!

Awesome catch

Great family fishing vacation

Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 15th thru July 20th,2017. Sorry last turnover day we had to replace two motors on the Trinity plus a host of other duties and catch up left me without time to do the report. Since my last report the Coho and Halibut fishing has kicked off to very good landing limits quite easily and many boats commenting on the radio chatter that they cant find the Kings due to too many Coho!! Tough day, or great problem to have. The last group had GAF fish to land so we spent a large part our days fishing for big halibut and we were not disappointed landing many large halibut as the photos will attest. I will let the photos speak for themselves and look forward to the upcoming fishermen and thanks for reading my report.

Great variety

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 13th 2017

A great day of fishing!

Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 13th 2017. Ok so I haven’t been posting fishing reports not because fishing hasn’t been good since it has been a good summer so far. Most guests went home with limits of King salmon throughout the month of June minus a few here or there but overall on a scale of one to ten I would say it has been a 6 for number of fish caught. Halibut fishing up to now has been a scratch and all lodges are struggling to find a steady supply of quality halibut. Putting in time is what it takes to get anything next to the 44″ maximum and many lodges are probably falling short on that, my guess is the average halibut caught is around 32 inches and that may be stretching it. There are a fair number of halibut in the 46 inch to 55 inch range but they outside the slot size to retain. Extra large halibut also seem to be in smaller numbers, those in the 68″ and above size. We have been landing quite a few in the 55 to 58″ size. Some of these I believe to be large males so hopefully there are still those large females that lay the 4.5 million

eggs each year, I feel some concern about these numbers.

July fishing we have done well with King salmon and since July 1st we say a decline as the commercial fleet took many thousands of King salmon but since they shut down the King salmon fishing our numbers have been returning so limits have been possible and most boats are limiting on King salmon. Guests and Kingfisher Lodge here in Craig have been able to limit on King salmon these past few weeks.
Coho fishing has been pretty fair landing 4 to 6 Coho per angler the past few days. I will try to post pictures on our Facebook page but will include a few here and try to update my fishing report every 3 days.

June fishing at its best!

Awesome fishing

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you here this summer!!

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Craig Alaska sport fishing report for August 8th thru the 10th

Steve Wild group

Steve Wild group

Craig Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge for the above dates. Last three days fishing was really good for Coho the first 2 days then drastically tapered off yesterday with a average catch rate of less than half limits of Coho (that is a guestimate of mine only). Our boats landed about 70 percent of our limit of Coho for the day but chatter on the radio was much less due to boats running trying to find fish.

Dalgoff family

Dalgoff family

If you found a few fish you needed to stick it out and grind what you could. Bottom fishing is still good but weather has been an issue due to wind and ocean conditions. Overall outlook is a bit bleak coming from the commercial boats not doing well off shore which is where our fish come from. We are all praying that will change in the next few days. Time will tell and as the saying goes “all is well that ends well”.
Thanks for reading my report, more photos on our Facebook page.

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August 1st thru the 3rd fishing report

Lyle Randon group with a great display of fish!

Lyle Randon group with a great display of fish!

Alaska fishing lodge report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig for July 31st thru August 3rd. Coho and King salmon runs remain strong throughout the Craig area the past 3 days.

Pahor family with another great catch!

Pahor family with another great catch!

We focused on Coho limits and did not attempt to catch our King salmon although from reports those boats that focused on King salmon were able to get limits or if not close to limits of King salmon. Bottom fishing remains strong as well although finding the perfect 43″ halibut is not so easy unless being lucky or time is spent. to consistently catch up towards the 43″ limit requires a commitment of at least a few hours depending on how many people on your boat. Large or oversized halibut seem to be very prolific this year as we have had to release many oversized fish from over 43″ to well over 72″.
We are looking forward to seeing you who are yet to come and hope the fish runs remain strong throughout the summer. Thanks for reading my report.

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Fishing report for July 26th thru the 29th

John O'Hare and Dick O'Grady families.

John O’Hare and Dick O’Grady families.

My fishing report for our Alaska fishing lodge in Craig Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island. The past 4 days we had 16 anglers on our 3 boats focused mostly on Silver or Coho salmon.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Coho’s seemed in good numbers with limits fairly easy to land with the fish a good average size of around 8 pounds which is good for this time of year. Pink salmon are in fairly abundant numbers as you find out trying to get the Coho getting into large schools of the Pinks at times landing up to 6 Pinks to one Coho, other times a much better ratio. Overall we landed limits of Coho the first 3 days and the last and 4th day we put our time into King salmon and Halibut, looking for a 43 inch size to the Halibut as our goal. We invested an average of 3 hours a day for 6 halibut which was time well spent.
Captain Nils boat landed limits of King salmon on the last day and as well as Kings other days with the largest at 35 pounds. We landed a small handful of Kings as well as Joel his best day limiting on Kings.

Frank Canon group.

Frank Canon group.

Overall the fishing is pretty good in the Craig area with most boats limiting on the species they focus on weather it is King salmon or Coho.  It appears that Coho numbers are consistent, still knocking on wood that fish numbers remain strong throughout the summer.

Thanks for reading my report. I will post more pictures on our Facebook page if you would like to see more.

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Fishing report for July 10th thru the 12th.

Sandor Hites family with a nice catch of fish!

Sandor Hites family with a nice catch of fish!

Fishing report for July 10th thru the 12th for the Alaska fishing lodge Kingfisher in Craig Alaska. The past three days we had three separate groups in. All three days each group landed limits of kings except one boat was minus one King salmon for the 3 days fishing so King salmon are obviously still in good numbers. Coho was slow the 1st 2 days but picked up considerably up and down the outer coast of the Craig area with most charter boats doing very well if not limiting on the silvers. Our best day was 27 Coho for 6 anglers on my boat but we also ran out of bait as we were assaulted by large schools of pink salmon having six at a time on of the pesky fish.

Wiper and Dahlgren family with another great catch!

Wiper and Dahlgren family with another great catch!

Halibut have also moved in in certain areas in good numbers and have had to release many over 43 inches. The Fish and Game reported they had some issues with some oversize halibut that were retained by some charter vessels, so if your guide releases one that looks really good just remember he is doing his job and obeying the law that is in place.

Nothing exciting to add only looking good and this summer is looking like the fish numbers are consistently strong and building… we knock on wood and hope it continues throughout the summer. Check out the Facebook page clicking on the upper right hand Facebook emblem. Thanks for reading my report!

Wilson family with a great catch of fish and a nice 43 inch halibut confirmed by a fish and Game official!

Wilson family with a great catch of fish and a nice 43 inch halibut confirmed by a fish and Game official!

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