About Us

Jeanette and Charles Haydu were married on June 21st 1980 in Port Angeles Washington. Charles was a resident of Alaska since 1977 and originally from Kalama Washington. Jeanette was from Toutle Washington and came to Alaska in 1979. On June 23rd 1980 both sailed their 38’ Ingrid cutter the “Southern Sun” to Freshwater Bay on Chichagof Island to begin their married life in a logging camp. The couple eventually made it to Prince of Wales Island in 1987 towing a float house built by Charles and 3 daughters at that time. By 1994 Charles had built a new home on Port St. Nicholas in Craig Alaska and with the now family of 7 began Kingfisher Charters & Lodge LLC.. Starting small with one boat the family was the staff from the littlest to the oldest each played a role and although some have moved on the family is still involved with the operation and now sporting grandchildren. We all enjoy the outdoors both hunting and fishing this great state of Alaska we call home living off the business and the natural resources available to us.