Captain Chuck Haydu

Captain Chuck Haydu is owner and operator of “Kingfisher Charters & Lodge” and has fished S.E. Alaska since 1977.

Captain Nils Backstrom

Nils came From Stockholm, Sweden to Alaska in 2006, he got here by receiving an athletic scholarship for the sport of ice hockey to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage, at UAA he majored in Business management and Marketing graduating in 2010. After graduation he played professional hockey in Europe for the past 5 years.

The passion for fishing had always been big for Nils and in Alaska he was able to fulfill his dreams. While attending school he met Chucks daughter, Amanda who he is now married to. Nils started saltwater fishing in Craig in 2007 and has been a part of Kingfisher Lodge since that time being a deckhand on charter boats. Nils received his U.S. Coast Guard captains license in 2015.

Captain Braden Harding

Braden Harding was raised in Craig growing up with a commercial fisherman for a father and after high school Braden began commercial fishing as a trolling, longline, and crab deckhand and eventually getting his own commercial power troll permit and boat. Now that Braden is married in the family he wanted to be home every night with his family so now he guides for us here at Kingfisher Lodge. Braden brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a work ethic like no other being a master of organization and cleanliness on his boat. Braden also is Mr. Personality and has no problem keeping guests happy with catching fish and telling stories. Kingfisher Lodge is a better place with this great captain behind the wheel of the “Jeanette Elaine”