Kingfisherlodge Memorial Day weekend trip

Sunday fishing at Kingfisher Charters and Lodge for King salmon or the Chinooks was as good as the weather with many of us landing our limits and others just going home with respectable catches. Best guess for the Craig area on Prince of Wales island for King salmon was 1.5 Kings per angler. Weather was overcast with light winds and flat water. Ocean swell about 2 feet or so.

Kings, Kings, Kings

May has come, and almost gone with Memorial weekend ahead. The boats are in the water, and the lodge has been busy gearing up for the summer fishing season ahead. The weather has been agreeable with some gorgeous days, which we hope to continue throughout the summer months. The Jeanette Elaine has been trolling out in front of the lodge once or twice a day hopeful for a catch, which have proved to be very successful on several accounts. Kings between 20-30 lbs is nothing to complain about, and the feel of a bent rod brings a smile to anyone’s face! The official first day of the season starting on June 1st brings anticipation and an optimistic outlook this summer.

Happiest Memorial Day weekend to all of you! For all those anxious for their fishing trips, we look forward to your visit, and there are still openings available for any interested fishermen out there!!

 May has been an outstanding month for Kings both commercially and by sport. The end of April closed the commercial troll in the local area and I have been fishing exclusively here in front of the place catching 19 kings in the past 2 weeks fishing early morning and late evening for an hour or two each time so my catch to time ratio has been a little over one hour per king fishing mostly by myself or with one other person.

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