June 29th

Justin and his 30.2 pound king

June 29th began with Captain Rich on the Trinity heading towards Sumez Island with the idea of heading out to Baker Island off Cape Bartolome. Forcast was for 11 foot seas of the outside so going out wasn’t something he was looking forward to doing despite the fact that the kings are out there. So they stopped short of the cape and doubled on kings one of which was 30.2 pounds, a respectable fish and the other at 20 pounds or so which is a great fish as well. Continuing fishing in the same spot for a hour or so no more bites so they bit the bullet and headed out to the outside. They doubled on kings right off, then got their halibut and by then 2 of the guys weren’t feeling too well so they headed in to finish their black sea bass in protected or semi protected waters. They decided due to the weather to come in a bit early and thus ended their day of fishing.

Chris, Justin, Dave, (Darren not present)

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June 28th

Leaving the dock at 5:30 am we headed for Cape Bartolome as I had heard from the fishing reports that the kings were in great numbers there. By 6:30 we had our lines in the water with our cut plug herring and started getting hits at 70 feet below the surface. Most of the fish were up high rather than deeper and before long were landing kings with doubles and tripples, but having to release some of the kings that were small or lightly hooked. We kept 5 and then moved on to a spot I had been fishing earlier in the month to check it out and sure enough there were many kings there as well landing half a dozen and seeing many more on the fish finder. We had most our halibut already so we went looking for a few nicer halibut but not finding anything of size headed for the dock closing a easy day of fishing.
Then Trinity guided by Rich Rodgers had limited as well quite early and went on to catch their yellow eye and sea bass.

Bob and Vicki (missing are Monte & Deb)

Chris, Dave, Justin, Darren

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June 27th

Anjuli Hamilton with her 30.2 pound king

Today we left at 5:30 heading for Noyes Island and arriving to our spot we immediately landed a nice 30.2 pound king by Anjuli Hamilton (Haydu). From there we also had a few other bites while mooching with our cut plugs but missed them then Anjuli hooked up again along with Monte and Deb but they both lost theirs. Then it went pretty dead for a hour or two and after the tide slacked we got into the kings again with a quad and loosing one of the 4. These kings were in deep water with current running so it was tough at times to feel the bite. In the end we landed 10 kings keeping 9 with the largest as I said at 30.2 pounds, congrats Anjuli.
We were looking for some big halibut today but no luck catching only small ones…!

Bob, Anjuli, Chuck, Deb, Monte

June 26th

Monte and Deb on day 2

Today was a wonderful day leaving the dock at Kingfisher Lodge in Craig alaska to flat calm water and arriving to our fishing spot within 45 minutes. We then doubled up on kings mooching for the salmon using our cut plugs. It was pretty steady hooking with a few doubles and singles on kings landing about 15 and keeping our limit which was 7 total. Halibut fishing finished the day landing many small halibut, but sorting to keep the largest which was about 34″ a bit under the 37″ rule but the 37″ ones are hard to find right in that length. While halibut fishing off shore we had salmon hitting our baits as we dropped to the bottom trying to catch the halibut. We had several follow up the halibut to the boat as well as hooking up kings with the halibut gear. When you are having a hard time getting to the bottom with your halibut gear because the salmon are too thick that is a good problem to have.

Returned home on by 2 pm back to the dock to rest up for another day of fun fishing at Kingfisher Lodge.

Vicki, Bob, Deb, Monte

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June 25th


June 25th started out at the cape at Noyes Island and landing a double first off then an additional 3 kings and 2 silvers in the next couple of hours. Then off to get some halibut and bottom fish to finish the day. Staying at the cape we missed out on some tremendous fishing south of us as some of the boats found huge schools of kings with non stop action. We hope to get in on that action tomorrow so check in for the report.

Monte and Deb Hoarst


Anjuli, Monte, Debbie with part of a day's catch

June 24th afternoon

We went out the afternoon of June 24th to slay the kings for a family fun afternoon but only caught 3 in a couple hours. Pictured with a 32 pound king is Father Jean Paul with his first king for the season. Good Job JP!

Father Jean Paul with his first King of the season

June 24th

Leaving the dock at Kingfisher Lodge we had a choppy wind to buck to the fishing grounds that was a bit uncomfortable but only in the sense that drinking coffee was impossible. Once we got to our fishing spot we found it a bit different than we yesterday afternoon when we left. The fish were not as many for sure but we were able to get our limit within a few hours landing 5 kings. From there we went on to get our halibut which we did fairly quickly or at least within a hour or more. As our group is leaving this afternoon we had to get back to the lodge to process and box up the fish for their departure.
Weather seemed to get better as the day went on with winds lightening up a bit.

Mark, Nate, Len, Harry, Mark

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June 23rd

We woke up June 23rd to overcast skies, light to no wind, flat water so one could drink coffee while enroute to the fishing grounds.
We made our first stop where we have been fishing the last 2 days and limited on Kings in about one hour. The fish seemed to continually stack up in that area and landed a few more before leaving to fish Palegic rock fish and halibut. Halibut fishing started with hooking a very large halibut on a jig that Harry struggled with for about one hour. It was the toughest fish I have ever seen on a halibut rod. Knowing it was very big in almost 300 feet of water and not gaining on the fish I tighted the drag to almost line breaking tension so as to speed up the inevitable of releasing the fish as it was taking valuable time looking for legal halibut. As I mentioned the drag was extremely tight and after 40 minutes of fighting the fish it got irritated and made several runs that I estimate at 150 to 200 feet of line (almost like hooking a sea lion), the speed was very impressive. The fish made several runs like that and then back to the up and down, and mostly down movement of the fish. After about one hour one of the other fishermen got a yellow eye and it wrapped up several other lines and tangeled with the halibut line and when trying to get the mess undone the large halibut made a run and the line parted. None of us were too concerned as it was an inevitable situation in the end releasing the fish, although we would have liked to have seen it. We fished a couple hours getting our limits of halibut and sea bass then looking for silvers we ended back where we started. The fish finder was showing schools of kings much like looking schools of black bass so we ended up with many tripples and doubles of kings in the short half hour spent hooking and releasing. Fearing of harming the kings looking for silvers we headed for home thus ending another successful day of fishing in Craig Alaska at Kingfisher lodge.


Mark Balenger with a nice king

June 22nd

Marks 34 lb king

June 22nd started out at 6 am leaving the dock after a late night of fishing the day before. We arrived to our spot a little late as the other boats that had arrived for the tide change had been hooking multiple fish. We started and within a half hour landed our first king and by 9:30 had 6 kings of nice size with the largest being 34 pounds caught by Mark Balenger. From there we went on to bottom fish catching our yellow eye, black bass, various rock fish, halibut, and a couple ling cod.
Ocean was slight roll with little to no wind, partly sunny skies.

Mark Leslie, Mark Balenger, Harry & Nate Saal, Len ShustekMarks 34lb king

June 21st

June 21st started at 6 pm for us since our groups plane was canceled in Seattle so they did not get in until after 4 pm so heading out at 5 pm we were fortunate enough to land 6 kings in 3 hours with the largest at 28 pounds. Dinner was sack lunch but we got the fish.

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