June 20th

June 20th weather was very nice with light and variable winds and although I was not out fishing the reports were limits for boats and some nice size fish beginning to show up with the largest at 60 pounds.

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June 19th

June 19th started out very slow as we were fishing away from the main charter fleet which was up north around the Noyes Island area.  We chose to fish in seclusion but where we had done well the day before was very scarce of King salmon so we moved on looking for King’s. We eventually found a few landing 5 for the day including 2 silvers and a Sockeye along with our halibut and a few rock fish. The group that was fishing were completing their last day of 5 landing a total of 35 kings in the 5 days fishing so having a slow day on the last was ok by them since they were a bit tired.

The weather has been so nice this month to date with light winds, partly cloudy to sunny skies and very little ocean swell…hope it stays all summer!

Barb and Biff, (Josh, Jacob are missing)

June 18th

Barb with the big fish of the day

Biff, Barb, Jacob, Josh

 June 18th started out at Pinnapple rock quite slow and after a few hours only landing 1 king and letting go a nice 35 pound halibut that was over sized…hate that. We decided to head to our spot we have been fishing the last few days so in doing we landed the rest of our kings which was 6 more for a total of 7. We landed an 8th letting it go. We also lost an additional 3 kings for the day as well, including one silver. Most boats had a slower day than we have been experiencing the past few weeks.
After that we got another halibut in excess of 37″ about 45 pounds so sent him off to the deep.
Such ended our wonderful day of fishing.

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June 17th fishing


McIntrye family-Josh, Jacob, Biff, Barb

Josh and Barb

June 17th started out on the outer coast much slower than the previous day and took a couple hours before we landed our first king. By 10:30 we landed 4 kings and went on to another spot landing an additonal 3 letting them go. From there we went black bass fishing, ling cod, which we needed one and that ended our day.

June 15th

June 15th started out with catching a nice king within the first 5 minutes of the day at our first stop, after about a half hour more we moved on to the outer coast and caught 7 kings, 5 halibut, and 2 lings on one long drift in about one and a half hours, the largest king being about 20 pounds.
We then moved on to getting our limits of black sea bass, yellow eye and an additional 2 lings. So finished the day of fishing and getting back to the dock at a resonalble time to shower and watch Vancouver get beat in the Stanley Cup.

June 13th

The Chuck Rieger family

The 13th of June started out fishing the Chicken hole for a big 0 so from there we checked out some spots along Baker island looking for kings or halibut although we found lots of bait fish and whales we did not score on any kings or halibut. We moved on to the Cape and limited on small halibut with no kings that wanted our bait there. We went on to our now favorite fishing spot and within one hour landed 7 kings and loosing 3 thus ended our search for kings. We then fished for some bottom  and pelagic fish and then headed for the showers, wine and a not so good hockey game.

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June 12th

June 12th started out with halibut in mind as we wanted to find some more respectable sized flat ones but kept running into undersized ones eventually finding a acceptable size based on the new “37” rule. From haliut fishing we moved on to salmon fishing about 10 am after having a sea lion show on the rocks. We caught our first salmon about 10:30 and soon after about 50 “Orca” or Killer whales showed up and spoiled the fishing but gave us a great whale show.
From there we moved on to our now favorite spot landing 6 more kings and hooking an additional 3 or 4.
Day ended good with some sight seeing around Archada rock.
I am going to attach a video of some of our salmon today and hope it works for you.
Jeane video 2

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June 11th


Rick, Chuck, Jeane, Bill

June 11th started out pretty slow as we started at the Chicken hole for one halibut and no kings, then on to Pinnapple rock where we landed one king and lost one to the Sea lion on a double. We dicided to leave as “Hershal” kept eating people’s fish. We went to East Addington landing 4 kings and loosing 3. We went on to fish our halibut and rockfish with a flat calm ocean. Halibut fishing was kind of tough but able to finish up with a limit but not much size.
Weather was calm, partly cloudy skies and mid 60 temperatures.

Jeannie with a nice king.

Jack, Chuck, and Bill Rieger

June 9th

Today we started out with some halibut fishing and since I had family up we were not regulated by the 37″ rule so we caught a 75 pounder, 45 pounder, and a few at about 35 pounds.
King salmon fishing was as good as previous days but we did get our 12 kings by about 11 am which time wise was better than the past few days.

Largest kings of the day were 33 pounds by Dennis Caldwell and a 30 pounder by Frank Haydu.

 As the boys had set the crab pots a few days earlier we finished up the day with pulling their pots.
Sunny skies and flat water was the weather of the day today.

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June 8th

June 8th started out slow for us with no fish in the first hour and a half fishing in our favorite hole, but then we moved on to East Addington and then started landing kings with a tripple to start off the run, then a few chicken halibut. Fishing slowed a bit for us till we moved in closer to shore and started landing again with another tripple but only landing one and loosing the other two. We continued to constantly hook and land fish and landing 12 Kings by 1:30 pm.
The weather was a bit windy until the tide changed at noon and then layed right down allowing us to travel at 27 knots out in open water. Skies were grey with low 60 degree temp.

Denny, Nils, Rodger, Joe, Mira, Frank, Skip, Chuck

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