Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for June 23rd thru the 25th

Andres group with a 63" 127 lb. GAF halibut

Andres group with a 63″ 127 lb. GAF halibut

Fishing report for Prince of Whales sport fishing at Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska for June 23rd thru the 25th. We had 15 anglers up from 2 separate groups with the potential for 90 King salmon in a 3 day period, fishing has been outstanding landing 90 of the 90. Most all anglers from lodges and weekend warriors have been able to land their limits of King salmon in the Craig area. Our largest King for the past three days was in the high 20’s and have not heard of any wall hangers not saying there haven’t been any. We are landing some nice halibut and as our group had pre-purchased a GAF halibut we went after and landed a 63 inch fish weighing in at 127 pounds according to the book of weight to length chart, we also landed a variety of large halibut but chose to keep only the 63″ fish being the largest landed. Commercial season opens on the 1st of July so we can expect King salmon numbers to decline but also the limits for King salmon are reduced to 1 per day 6 in possession after the 1st. We hope that the silver salmon will be showing up in numbers here shortly, so far we have only landed a few for the lodge this year. Thanks again for reading the report and check out Facebook for more photos and video clips.

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Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge July 18th – 20th, 2014

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

Sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska for the days of July 18th – 20th. Silver salmon or Coho salmon runs continue to grow in numbers as the month of July comes to an end with most boats limiting on the little beauties if much effort is put into it. The fish continue to run up the Gulf of Esquibel around well known points to their destination of local streams but most of the┬áto the Klawock River where the Prince of Wales Hatchery releases 5 million Coho. Limits of King salmon are also possible if effort and a bit of luck are put in. A few monster King salmon have been caught by local boats around Noyes island with one boat landing a 67 pound beauty this past week and several in the mid to high 50’s. Our boats have been concentrating on getting limits of King salmon so with 12 anglers on two boats we have been going off shore and completing that mission. We also were looking for a big halibut that meets the new 2014 76″ regulation trophy size but fell short as Angelina Stutz landed a 70″ to 72″ monster falling short of the 76″ size, there is a short video clip of that fish on our Facebook page as well as more pictures of the past 3 days fishing. Thanks for checking out my fishing blog or report.

Kingfisher Charters & Lodge fishing report for June 19th thru the 21st.

Dave and John Underwood with David's 72" GAF halibut.

Dave and John Underwood with David’s 72″ GAF halibut.

Kingfisher Charters & Lodge fishing report for June 19th thru the 21st in Craig Alaska. The past 3 days fishing was again very good although out of the 80 king salmon we could catch we landed 75 Kings and fed over 25 to the very large Stellar Sea lion who is prodigious fish thief! Regardless we did well and this very large group of outstanding individuals kept their poise despite the large carnivore raping their lines each day always keeping great respect for Gods great creatures. Since these folks had pre-arranged for GAF halibut we landed 2 monsters one at 73 inches and one 72 inches so check out our Facebook page for more pictures its too involved to add them to my Word Press blog, sorry. Overall fishing in the Craig area is very good as usual most if not all boats landing limits of salmon and halibut despite the tremendous loss of King salmon to the Sea Lions. Thanks for reading my posts!

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

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May17th thru June 15th fishing report

Craig Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge. Due to computer problems and being very busy getting the lodge up and running I am just now getting to my fishing report. So since May 17th we have been fishing consistently and for the past month haven’t had a trip without limiting on King salmon. All guests have been able to get their King salmon limits which has been a great relief and joy to our captains! Today was no different although I haven’t been able to download my photos from my phone to the computer due to technical difficulty I don’t understand. Suffice to say fishing is very good!! Check out the Kingfisher Facebook on the website link and see some of the photos and video.
I will get the photo problem solved and start adding photos.
Thanks for checking out our site. Good fishing and tight lines!

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