Fishing report for July 26th thru the 29th

July 30th, 2016 by
John O'Hare and Dick O'Grady families.

John O’Hare and Dick O’Grady families.

My fishing report for our Alaska fishing lodge in Craig Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island. The past 4 days we had 16 anglers on our 3 boats focused mostly on Silver or Coho salmon.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Coho’s seemed in good numbers with limits fairly easy to land with the fish a good average size of around 8 pounds which is good for this time of year. Pink salmon are in fairly abundant numbers as you find out trying to get the Coho getting into large schools of the Pinks at times landing up to 6 Pinks to one Coho, other times a much better ratio. Overall we landed limits of Coho the first 3 days and the last and 4th day we put our time into King salmon and Halibut, looking for a 43 inch size to the Halibut as our goal. We invested an average of 3 hours a day for 6 halibut which was time well spent.
Captain Nils boat landed limits of King salmon on the last day and as well as Kings other days with the largest at 35 pounds. We landed a small handful of Kings as well as Joel his best day limiting on Kings.

Frank Canon group.

Frank Canon group.

Overall the fishing is pretty good in the Craig area with most boats limiting on the species they focus on weather it is King salmon or Coho.  It appears that Coho numbers are consistent, still knocking on wood that fish numbers remain strong throughout the summer.

Thanks for reading my report. I will post more pictures on our Facebook page if you would like to see more.

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