Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for August 1st thru the 3rd, 2018.

Lyle Randon group with a great catch and a 72″ GAF halibut (175lbs.) Guide Joel Steenstra next to halibut.

The Jake Wipf group with a great catch and a nice GAF fish.

Bob and Joan Pahor family one of our oldest returning customers every year since 1996!

Jim Nelson and Lyle Randon with a trophy halibut. Lyle has also been a long returning customer!

Alaska Kingfisher Lodge is a trophy fishing lodge located on Prince of Wales island near Craig Alaska. This is a fishing report for the past 3 days fishing for 3 groups of anglers from different locations around the U.S..

Coho catch rate increased dramatically the past 3 days landing limits each day or close to it with a few Kings mixed in (3 total I believe). I can’t speak for other lodges or anglers but I believe most boats were at least getting good numbers of Coho if they were in the right spots. Halibut fishing was good but ocean conditions were not too nice and some of the fishermen got sick trying to get GAF halibut off the outer coast, but by day 2 they did land 2 of the 3 GAF fish. The last day winds increased up to 35 knots and outside ocean conditions were not what most folks wanted to brave so fishing remained on the inside calmer waters yesterday and what would normally be a 45 minute ride home ended up about 90 minutes due to the choppy seas. I would also like to mention the Bob Pahor family is the longest customer who has returned each and every year since 1996, and they can catch fish! We thank them for all their business over the many years of our family operation. They watched our children grow from little children to having children of their own and still involved in the family business.

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Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher lodge August 13th, Prince of Wales Island, Craig


Clint Olsen with his 18 plus pound trophy Silver salmon caught on Capt. Joel Steenstra's boat.

Clint Olsen with his 18 plus pound trophy Silver salmon caught on Capt. Joel Steenstra’s boat.

Steve Hall group with another outstanding catch of fish!

Steve Hall group with another outstanding catch of fish!

Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.  August 13th we left the lodge with light winds and flat water, overcast skies, and high in the mid 60’s which was a great day to catch King salmon, Silver salmon and bottom fish. We started at the Pineapple rock which was awful dead looking and left after 15 minutes or so then moved north and dropping in tripled on beautiful King salmon, then it was non stop catching of big Coho’s or Silver salmon (most of these fish are averaging 10 pounds) until our limit was met at 8:30 a.m. Joel’s boat landed the largest trophy Silver of the year to date, here at Kingfisher Lodge at just over 18 pounds by Clint Olsen. Halibut fishing proved to be a great day as we landed several in the 40 to 45 inch range as well as some beauties at 60 or so inches that we had to let go due to the slot limit but the guys got a kick out of bringing them up. All these fish we turn loose are still full of vigor as they speed to the bottom or just swim off as we release them which makes us all feel good knowing they will survive another day and continue to perpetuate.

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