Craig Alaska charter fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge August 5th thru the 8th.

The Idaho boys with a outstanding catch of fish!

Travis Krawl caught these two big GAF fish largest at 180 pounds. (guided by Capt. Nils)

The Seth Mitchner group with another great day of fishing!!

Prince of Wales sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge near Craig Alaska for the above dates our three boats having 18 anglers landed limits each day on Coho’s and bottom fish. Although again Coho’s are not in great numbers and in isolated groups our captains Nils, Braden and Sean are producing limits with skill and perseverance and it is important for those anglers fishing with us to “fish” since its up to the angler to produce the fish as the guide can only put the angler on the fish, so with active movement of the bait through the water column will help produce those limits everyone strives for. The overall Coho forecast is still unknown but my feeling is that it will prove to be a slower or less abundant year but hopefully we will be able to continue to get limits or close to Coho limits for our guests. I can only speculate on how other charter boats are doing although I have a few charter boat friends in the Craig area who have said they have been struggling to produce Coho limits.

Bottom fishing remains strong and we are winding down our GAF year with only a few left to catch but have again produced some very nice Trophy GAF halibut for our guests, as well as some trophy sized Ling Cod as our photo’s show. Although I have very mixed feelings on harvesting these large female Halibut I have to trust the IPHC biologists who claim the fishery is stable again these females are probably in the 25 to 30 plus year age group and so reproduction of these giants is a slow process and I hope we are not overharvesting them.

Thanks for reading my report and look forward to our remaining guests arriving this month as our season ends with the close of the month.

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Kingfisher Lodge fishing report August 1st thru the 3rd.

Jacob Wipf with a very unusual catch!

The Jake Wipf group with a nice catch!

The Lyle Randon group with a great catch of Ling cod, halibut and Coho.

The Strawn group with a great catch of Lings, Coho and Halibut!

Craig Alaska charter fishing on Prince of Wales island for the 1st of August has been steady for Coho and bottom fishing. Although the Coho salmon are not in great numbers our boats have been limiting most days but the fish are very localized and in only a few areas. Charter boats that get antsy may fall far short of landing limits of these Silver salmon so perseverance pays the bills on that number. Trollers are now shut down until the 13th I believe which will help numbers a bit for the sport fishermen. Many of the highline commercial trollers (my son in law included) normally would average say 200 per day are now struggling to get 75 to 100 which indicates low numbers in the ocean which is a bit concerning. At any rate we are happy to be able to produce limits or close to limits each day for our guests and look forward to seeing the rest of you that will be coming later this month. You can check out our Facebook page for more pictures and thanks for reading my report!

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Sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge July 14th

George Franks family with a great catch of fish.


Fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge near Craig Alaska for the 14th of July. The past three days weather has been as good as it could get with flat calm seas, no rain,  and partly sunny skies with some patchy fog. King salmon fishing remains good with nice fish being caught in the 40’s and a few in the 50’s although an average size of 20 pounds would be more of the norm. We have been going on day one and getting our kings hopefully early then spending the next three days on bottom fish and Coho salmon. Yesterday the 13th was the first day 2 of our boats had Coho or Silver salmon limits and it appears that we will hopefully be getting a steady increase in Coho numbers, weather or not limits can be obtained each day remains to be seen, but even half limits will be very good for this part of the season. Bottom fishing remains strong or good. Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Thanks for reading.


Nebraska crew with a great catch of fish!

Joe and Christian with a giant ling cod!

Sandor Hites family with a great bottom fish day!

Hites family with the first Coho limits for Kingfisher lodge 2019.

First Coho limits for 2019.

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August 11th sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska


John Dye and his 15 plus pound Silver salmon.

John Dye and his 15 plus pound Silver salmon.

Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge,  Prince of Wales Island, Craig, Alaska, August 11th brought us flat water and sunny skies with highs in the upper 70’s, what a day. We started out by hitting some of the spots in closer to the lodge but the fish had moved on. The Silvers we had done so well the previous afternoon at flood tide were not to be found in our “great spot” the previous day even though we were at a flood tide so by now we had been fishing one hour and only landed 2 silvers and one nice 38 inch Halibut. Now we went and checked out another hopeful and it also appeared pretty dead so after a few minutes fishing we again moved on and by now I am getting a bit nervous about going out on a limb and looking for new fish in areas that no one was fishing. So nothing ventured nothing gained we went forward and after arriving at my 4th or 5th spot at first appearance looked pretty dead with no birds and little on the sounder, but since we traveled there might as well give it a go. Dropping the baits down as we had 6 anglers on board it wasn’t too long in landing the first few Coho’s and they were “hogs”. Still though the screen looked awful blue but what the heck keep at it I said. Soon I saw another boat from another lodge coming in towards us. They came dropped in and after 10 minutes left as they thought it was too dead or didn’t like our company. When they were leaving we hit the mother load and soon we were landing 5 and 6 at a time and within an hour we landed over 40 Coho keeping only the nicest 36 of those fish. What a score so then we still needed 6 King salmon  so we went got our Halibut then after that spent the next 2 hours looking for King salmon and in the end landed our limits of Kings and then off to the lodge to enjoy our great day fishing. John Dye landed the largest Silver salmon of the season up to now at our lodge at just over 15 pounds as you can see in the photo above, and John is 6’3″ and somewhere in the 260 pound and up range. Great job John!

John, Larry, Mike, Mark, Bud, and Rick

John, Larry, Mike, Mark, Bud, and Rick

Bud, Rick, Mark, Larry, Mike, and John with a stellar catch!

Bud, Rick, Mark, Larry, Mike, and John with a stellar catch!

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