Craig Alaska sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge July 31.

Craig Alaska Charter fishing or sport fishing remained somewhat consistent as a steady trickle of Coho or Silver salmon work their way into the inside waters off Noyes and Heceta islands as well as King salmon

Neil, Dario, and John with anice catch of Kings and Lings.

The John O’hare group with a great catch.

The Monco, Ruder group with another great day of catching!

. Our boats limited on Coho’s all but one day and they punched out on all but a couple King salmon for the 15 anglers at the lodge. King salmon will close today on the 31st of July for non resident anglers after reaching their allotted amount of 25,885 set by the Southeast Alaska Management plan.

Weather was good the past 4 days and will be good for a few more before northwest winds will begin in a few days. We are hoping more Coho’s move in but it may remain a steady trickle of fish despite the rain we had a few days ago.

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Alaska Salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska, August 12th, 2012

Jeanette, Amanda, and Anjuli with a nice afternoon catch

Alaska Salmon and Halibut fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska, August 12th, 2012. Today we went Halibut fishing in the afternoon and did not salmon fish although reports were that fishing for Coho salmon has remained good. The goal today was to bring our daughters out to procure our white fish for the winter months and so I decided to bring them to a spot that I have let many fish go that I could not keep on a charter with the 45″ to 68″ slot size. We were not disappointed when once arriving we landed a nice Ling cod, then 2 nice 80 pound butts, another large Ling cod, and one very large halibut we let go for a couple of reasons, one being that the larger fish are females with many eggs and the other is they are tougher and the flesh is dryer and not as desirable at the table.

To see the day out fishing check out the utube video link below for a 3 minutes of fun. Alaskan Women Halibut fishing

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July 31st

Dario, Neil, Luke

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for Craig Alaska salmon and halibut fishing is that catching remains strong through today. Craig Alaska Charter fleet continued to limit on silver salmon as well as king salmon throughout the area. Although reports of the trollers seem to be low numbers of fish on the outside our catch rate is very high for the inside and coastal area. Limits on both our boats were completed by early morning as well as halibut limits. No rock fish or bottom fish were targeted by either group today. Weather remains calm with sunny skies this afternoon. Fishing on the outside of Noyes Island was very pleasant.

Bob, Joan, Don

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