Craig Alaska Charter fishing report for the 9th thru the 11th of August.

John Dye group with a great catch of Coho and halibut.

The Texas group with a great catch as well!

Craig Alaska Charter boats and Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for the above dates are as follows. King salmon fishing has been shut down since the 1st of August and so Coho fishing has been the focus as always this time of year. Limits for most charter boats and our lodge have been caught the past three days as the catching was up and down each day depending, and weather has been exceptional for most of the summer. Bottom fishing remains good although we are running farther than normal and harder to catch the 38″ maximum size flat fish. A little note about “farther” and “further”, (farther is an actual distance and further is figurative)! on my spelling check I discovered it as I didn’t realize it although I am sure most of you knew that already….am I correct? A little late on my report but thanks for reading. See you all soon!

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Prince of Wales sportfishing report, Craig Alaska August 20th, 2018.

The Bruce Berry group on their last day of fishing with the crew.

Jack Monco and Henry Ruder group with a great catch of fish!

The Keith Lederhosn family and friends on a great catching day!

Curt Karo in the forground on a great morning of Coho fishing.

A fishing report at Kingfisher Lodge near Craig Alaska for the dates of August 17th thru the 19th. The past 3 days fishing for Coho salmon or Silver salmon was very good and weather cooperated as well with the wind dying down on the afternoon of the 17th and becoming very calm and sunny the last two days of the 3 day trip giving our anglers a great opportunity to harvest all their Coho limits as well as most of their halibut and ling cod limits. The Coho or Silver salmon seem to be in good numbers and the size is remarkable as we figured about a 10 pound average live weight with the largest yesterday weighing in at 14 pounds. We took the weight of filleted salmon and divided by the number of fish caught per day and came up with 4.7 pounds of fillets per fish which is a higher than normal per fish size. Some of the Coho were larger than some of the King salmon we caught in June and given the number of fish per limit it makes for a great winter supply of wild salmon to enjoy throughout the year making August a prime time for sport fishing for Alaska salmon and bottom fish. We hope to see you at our Alaskan family run lodge in the future if you haven’t been here before and thanks for reading my report. “Tight Lines” as they say.

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Craig Alaska sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, August 15th, 2018.

The Steve Hall-John Thompson group with a great catch for the day!

Having a good time after fishing.

Craig Alaska sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge for the dates of August 9th thru the 15th. Coho fishing has picked up with fish showing up in multiple areas with good numbers allowing boats to limit in fairly short time frames compared to earlier in the season where it was difficult to even get limits. Coho’s are much larger than many years although not in as large of numbers those returning are probably in the

The Hall-Thompson group with an outstanding catch of GAF halibut!

8 pound plus average., everyone comments on the size of the fish. Weather was not bad but ocean conditions were very rough limiting boats to the inside waters. Yesterday the boats stuck their noses out off the cape for halibut and experienced 10 to 12 foot seas making it difficult to fish although the wind wasn’t too bad. Today after getting most of their Coho limits the boats went after their 4 GAF halibut they needed to tag out on those pre-purchased fish which the photo shows they did quite well and in a short time period. Over the years we have learned where and how to target big halibut although it isn’t always a guarantee that you will get them. We always hope that the IPHC and NMFS has their management program correct in the harvest of these large trophy halibut which are purchased or leased from the commercial halibut permit holders thus taking it out of the commercial sector and putting it in the hands of the sport fisherman to harvest. It seems to be something our guests like to do and opens opportunity to harvest more than the one small halibut. Thanks for reading the report.

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Craig Alaska fishing report for July 2nd thru the 5th of July, 2018.

Carl Postma group with a great day of fishing!

Craig Alaska fishing report for the 2nd thru the 5th of July. First of all we had beautiful weather and ocean conditions the past 3 days and everyone had a great time enjoying the beauty S.E. has to offer. King and Silver salmon fishing has been extra tough the past 3 days although all 16 guests landed their limits of King salmon only 5 Silvers or Coho were caught. Bottom fishing for rockfish and Ling cod is very good though saving our bacon and keeping the guests happy landing limits of these fish they have sometimes overlooked in the past due to larger numbers of salmon around. The commercial troll opening was on July 1st and they have also been way down on their catches and surely will affect the sport fisherman to a degree. We are optimistic that more fish will begin to show up as traditionally is the case but as of yesterday it was a struggle. Halibut fishing for the 38″ and under has also been tough off Noyes island, there seems to be plenty of the big ones around but unless a person has purchased a GAF fish they must be released. Looking forward to more fish coming in, stay tuned for the next report, thanks for reading.

The John Wilson family with a great catch. Justin and Jaren both landed 100 plus pound halibut but had to let them go.

The Giraud family with a great catch of fish!

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report August 17th – 19th, 2017

A close knit group!

Dave with a big halibut and rare sun.

Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for the days of August 17th through the 19th. Prince of Wales sport fishing off Craig has remained stable and the past 3 days weather was a bit tough with wind and rain but the beauty of Craig area is being able to fish inside spots and not have to fish the open ocean. We were able to get most if not all our limits last few day for our three boats. Day 2 we were short a few silvers on each boat other days limits were had. Weather will be an issue for the next few days as well and all the folks out need to put on their tough side and weather the weather, although the 22nd looks pretty good on the forecast. If the fish are biting so be it this is S.E. Alaska a rainforest and that’s why we have fish because we have water. Not much else to say but season is winding down with 6 more fishing days ahead, should be good.

Nicer part of the ocean.

Check out the Facebook page for a few photos of last 3 days.

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August 1st thru the 3rd fishing report

Lyle Randon group with a great display of fish!

Lyle Randon group with a great display of fish!

Alaska fishing lodge report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig for July 31st thru August 3rd. Coho and King salmon runs remain strong throughout the Craig area the past 3 days.

Pahor family with another great catch!

Pahor family with another great catch!

We focused on Coho limits and did not attempt to catch our King salmon although from reports those boats that focused on King salmon were able to get limits or if not close to limits of King salmon. Bottom fishing remains strong as well although finding the perfect 43″ halibut is not so easy unless being lucky or time is spent. to consistently catch up towards the 43″ limit requires a commitment of at least a few hours depending on how many people on your boat. Large or oversized halibut seem to be very prolific this year as we have had to release many oversized fish from over 43″ to well over 72″.
We are looking forward to seeing you who are yet to come and hope the fish runs remain strong throughout the summer. Thanks for reading my report.

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Fishing report for July 26th thru the 29th

John O'Hare and Dick O'Grady families.

John O’Hare and Dick O’Grady families.

My fishing report for our Alaska fishing lodge in Craig Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island. The past 4 days we had 16 anglers on our 3 boats focused mostly on Silver or Coho salmon.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Dario DeGhatalde family.

Coho’s seemed in good numbers with limits fairly easy to land with the fish a good average size of around 8 pounds which is good for this time of year. Pink salmon are in fairly abundant numbers as you find out trying to get the Coho getting into large schools of the Pinks at times landing up to 6 Pinks to one Coho, other times a much better ratio. Overall we landed limits of Coho the first 3 days and the last and 4th day we put our time into King salmon and Halibut, looking for a 43 inch size to the Halibut as our goal. We invested an average of 3 hours a day for 6 halibut which was time well spent.
Captain Nils boat landed limits of King salmon on the last day and as well as Kings other days with the largest at 35 pounds. We landed a small handful of Kings as well as Joel his best day limiting on Kings.

Frank Canon group.

Frank Canon group.

Overall the fishing is pretty good in the Craig area with most boats limiting on the species they focus on weather it is King salmon or Coho.  It appears that Coho numbers are consistent, still knocking on wood that fish numbers remain strong throughout the summer.

Thanks for reading my report. I will post more pictures on our Facebook page if you would like to see more.

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Kingfisher Charters & Lodge fishing report for June 19th thru the 21st.

Dave and John Underwood with David's 72" GAF halibut.

Dave and John Underwood with David’s 72″ GAF halibut.

Kingfisher Charters & Lodge fishing report for June 19th thru the 21st in Craig Alaska. The past 3 days fishing was again very good although out of the 80 king salmon we could catch we landed 75 Kings and fed over 25 to the very large Stellar Sea lion who is prodigious fish thief! Regardless we did well and this very large group of outstanding individuals kept their poise despite the large carnivore raping their lines each day always keeping great respect for Gods great creatures. Since these folks had pre-arranged for GAF halibut we landed 2 monsters one at 73 inches and one 72 inches so check out our Facebook page for more pictures its too involved to add them to my Word Press blog, sorry. Overall fishing in the Craig area is very good as usual most if not all boats landing limits of salmon and halibut despite the tremendous loss of King salmon to the Sea Lions. Thanks for reading my posts!

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

Jeff Vandel group last day photo, not including Jeff!

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May17th thru June 15th fishing report

Craig Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge. Due to computer problems and being very busy getting the lodge up and running I am just now getting to my fishing report. So since May 17th we have been fishing consistently and for the past month haven’t had a trip without limiting on King salmon. All guests have been able to get their King salmon limits which has been a great relief and joy to our captains! Today was no different although I haven’t been able to download my photos from my phone to the computer due to technical difficulty I don’t understand. Suffice to say fishing is very good!! Check out the Kingfisher Facebook on the website link and see some of the photos and video.
I will get the photo problem solved and start adding photos.
Thanks for checking out our site. Good fishing and tight lines!

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Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska August 12th thru the 14th.

Steve Hall and John Thompson group with a great catch of fish!

Steve Hall and John Thompson group with a great catch of fish!

Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska August 12th thru the 14th. The past 3 days was great fishing as we limited on King salmon and Silver salmon 2 out of the 3 days with the largest weighing in at 40 pounds caught by Steve Hall and second by John Thompson at 30 pounds. Coho fishing remains good although not wide open by any means but were able to land Coho limits within a few hours. Some days they play hide and seek and other days they seem abundant. Kings continue to be caught mostly off Noyes island so if the ocean is nice enough and the guests have their sea legs, you get your Coho then you can head out and look for Kings. We have been focusing on the Coho, then our Halibut, with Kings last and that has been working out most of the time.

Steve Hall with a nice 40 lb. King salmon.

Steve Hall with a nice 40 lb. King salmon.

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