Fishing report for July 18th thru July 20th, 2015.

The Stutz and Hutcherson families with a wonderful day fishing.

The Stutz and Hutcherson families with a wonderful day fishing posing with a boat limit of fish.

Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report for July 18th thru July 20th, 2015. The past three days fishing with two families of 11 members brought lots of fun and laughs with our youngest at 7 years old although not the youngest in our fishing history. It wasn’t all about catching fish with these groups as the kids loved catching fish but they mostly enjoyed getting back to the lodge and swinging on the tree swing over the water, swimming and running in the woods. Catching fish was very productive though except the first day when all the kids had anti sea sick medicine and they had a really hard time keeping their eyes open to fish but after that got straightened out catching picked up. So for King salmon their seems to be plenty of them around if you have a bit of luck and are persistent can catch both limits of Kings as well as silvers. The Coho or Silvers are in good numbers landing limits again if patient and persistent. Halibut fishing remains good. David Stutz loves to look for big fish (been on Wicked Tuna twice for big Tuna, Australia for Black Marlin and Kingfisher Lodge for big halibut) Dave wanted the 80″ or bigger butt and so we went a looking landing the largest at 150 pounds landed by Debra Jordan, and many in the 100 pound and under but finding not close to the 80 inch mark. A King salmon derby contender was landed yesterday by Wayne Baxter from Klawock at 64 pounds (fishing with Rich Manning who owns Catch a King lodge). Wayne is a huge contributor and organizer for Craig-Klawock King salmon derby so I really hope Wayne wins, Good job Wayne and Rich!

The past three days was a hoot and look forward for another year with these folks. Check out the Facebook page for more pictures and thanks for checking in with us.

Enjoying the campfire after a fun day fishing.

Enjoying the campfire and good music after a fun day fishing.

Debra Jordan fighting a big fish.

Debra Jordan fighting a big fish.

LaShawn Stutz with a nice 30 pound King salmon.

LaShawn Stutz with a nice 30 pound King salmon.

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Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska June 16th, 2014

Alaska sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska. Today was outstanding again for the Alaska King salmon fishing as we limited on King salmon which was 12 fish by 9 am and most boats were doing the same in the area we were fishing off Sumez island. Halibut fishing was also very good when we finally found them althought their wasn’t any record breakers we were happy with the fish we landed. So far the fishing is reflective of the Alaska Department of fish and Game 2014 predictions of the Chinook or King salmon abundance. Photo’s below are an indication of what hopefully will continue this year.

Alaska salmon fishing at it's best and the boys from California.

Alaska salmon fishing at it’s best and the boys from California.

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July 11th fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska


Don and Scott Dahlgren with a couple beautiful Kings and check out those pecs!

Don and Scott Dahlgren with a couple beautiful Kings and check out those pecs!

Sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska fishing the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island in S.E Alaska. Kingfisher Lodge is a family run catering to family vacations. Today we have a father-son-brother trip with some of our old time customers, and  today was their day as we had a field day catching King salmon, Silver salmon and Halibut and the pictures will say a thousand words to the happiness we see on the faces of these guys. The King salmon were plentiful to day as well as the Halibut with the largest King of the day at 31 pounds.  Dan Dahlgren from Seattle Washington landed a nice 192 pound 73 inch butt that kept him on the rod for over an hour fighting this tough fish and we were happy that it taped out at 73 inches with our scale weighing it in at 192 pounds  making it the largest at the lodge for the year so far. The ocean was pretty rough with 8 foot seas and wind chop on top making it difficult to fight the fish,  but was worth the time spent. Dan did a great job and we congratulate him on his catch both in it’s size and the roughness of the sea

Captain Joel Steenstra’s boat landed all his King, Silver salmon and Halibut with his group of 6 as well and will get the picture and post it later of the guys and their catch.

Kirk, Jeff, Art wiper, and Scott, Dan Dahlgren

Kirk, Jeff, Art wiper, and Scott, Dan Dahlgren with Dan’s 192 pound monster Halibut!

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August 19th & 20th


Prince of Wales sportfishing report from Kingfisher lodge in Craig Alaska for August 19th.  The 19th we decided to head for Port Alice up off Hecata Island since the weather was scheduled to blow in the direction that would make it tough to fish Hole in the Wall and the catching was slowing down at that spot. Port Alice was very good after our 90 minute boat ride with us landing 42 silver salmon in about 3 hours time. The guys decided that the trip was nice but too long and my gas bill proved that burning about 70 gallons for the day verses about 55 gallons normally.

August 20th was very windy with gusts to 45 mph so we mostly went for a 3 hour boat ride. The photo shows the only catch of the day.

Catch of the day

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August 14th

Bill, Art, Grady, Bob

Bill's oversized ling cod

Prince of Wales Sportfishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska on August 14th. The morning greeted us with flat calm water and high partly cloudy skies. We headed west to a spot we have frequented and was greeted by a few nice king salmon and 8 limits of silver salmon by a very early morning. From the wonderful biting silver salmon to the biting halibut we ended our day catching black sea bass and over sized and undersized ling cod. We took photo’s of the largest ling cod and released him which he was obviously very happy about as he sped to the bottom. Chatter on the radio sounded like limits for many boats were only a dream as silver salmon continue to be in low numbers in some areas although they seem to be consentrated along the kelp lines of many islands. Looking and working those areas can produce limits if persistant and lucky. Good job to the fishermen on both boats today!

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July 20th

July 20th the “Nebraska Hookers” as they were named (based on the amount of King salmon, and Silver salmon they hooked) had another great day of fishing limiting on salmon and halibut by

Sunbathing "Alaska" style

12:30 pm. Fishing reports for the Craig, and west coast Prince of Wales island have been strong runs of salmon continuing as the summer hits mid season. Weather was also very stable allowing fishermen to enjoy their angling success with flat water and partly sunny skies.  We thank the 6 couples who decided to fish with Kingfisher Lodge to do their family fishing vacation with us and we now have new friends from the great state of Nebraska!

The "Nebraska Hookers"The "Nebraska Hookers" cleaned up.

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