July 4th sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska

Andy, Mike, Brady, Conner, Kerry, and Ryan

Andy, Mike, Brady, Conner, Kerry, and Ryan

Sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska fishing the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island in S.E Alaska. July 4th Independence Day started out with calm winds and partly cloudy skies. My group had tagged out on King salmon so our goal was Silver salmon and Halibut so we decided to snoop around and was happy with our venture as we limited on our Silvers by 8:30 in the morning which gave us time to look for some nicer Halibut. Joel had gone out where we had been fishing for King’s and Silvers with the Mike Rodgers family, but only landed one King salmon and 10 or so Silvers and it was apparent that the salmon had left or been thinned out by the sport fishermen and the commercial troll fleet. Joel ended up landing a nice grade of Halibut and then off to finish his Silver salmon limits. We also ended up landing a couple nice 45″ halibut and then one small one for our limit but worked pretty hard to find that nicer grade today for the west wind had picked up to 20 knots or so making it difficult to fish some of our more favorable spots. Chatter on the radio was a scratch for Kings and mostly limits of Coho salmon and boats were limited to where they fished due to the wind building as the day progressed. Limits of Coho’s is a very good day so we count our blessings for those little beauties.

Jack and Carol with their nice catch.

Jack and Carol with their nice catch.

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June 30 sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska


Day 3 for the boys from Alberta and Kent with his first "Tyee" 34 pound King salmon.

Day 3 for the boys from Alberta and Kent with his first “Tyee” 34 pound King salmon.

Sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska fishing the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island in S.E Alaska. Fishing for King salmon, Silver salmon, Halibut and bottom fish was still again another spectacular day. We landed our limits of King salmon and a few limits of Silver salmon with Kent Halvorsen from Alberta Canada landing his first “Tyee” King salmon after 10 years of fishing Canada. His fish weighed in at 34 pounds and he was pretty happy about it saying “after 10 years of King salmon fishing I finally got a Tyee”. I told him he just was in the wrong place all these years. Halibut fishing also remains strong and a nice grade of halibut can be had if time and effort is put into it. The goal is any halibut 45″ or under or 68″ and over with any size in between those numbers having to be released. It appears the reduction of sport and commercial caught halibut has helped increase numbers and quality of the halibut.

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June 20 sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska



Tom with a nice King salmon

Tom with a nice King salmon

June 20th sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska and southern southeast Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales island. Today the winds were calm with flat water to the outside where we were greeted by a light wind and 2 foot seas, overcast skies. King salmon and Silver salmon fishing was as good as I have seen for some years now with King salmon attacking our anglers baits from very shallow depths. We had limited on Kings very early and a nicer grade than we had seen earlier on the outer coast with average sizes about 19 pounds and catching 2 limits of Coho or Silver salmon along with the Kings. Coho limits are 6 per person per day. We had to release many Kings due to trying to catch the Coho as they were mixed in with the Coho’s. Once the salmon bite slowed down we went out bottom fishing and were not dissapointed as we landed out limits of Yellow eye and a few Ling cod. Halibut fishing was very good as we landed a nicer grade of smaller ones averaging about 20 pounds.
This abundance of King salmon apparently runs clear up to Sitka as word is there it is very good fishing which makes me believe we will see a steady run up to the commercial King salmon opener which will make a impact on the sportfishing for Kings. That season opens July 1. It makes me wonder why the index was set so low with so many King salmon in the area and also the Sitka area as well. Either way it is nice to have the fish here and with the amount of Silver salmon showing up and the large release of Prince of Wales Hatchery coho’s in 2012 at 4.8 million it is expected to be a spectacular season for salmon fishing here in the Craig area. For those that have booked trips here in the Craig area they can expect good fishing or catching if all that appears to be happening continues throughout the summer.

Conan, Neil, Tom, Scott, & Jeff

Steve, Bob, Rick, Glen, and Duane

Rick, Bob,Steve, Glen, and Duane





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May 27-May 30

Prince of Wales sport fishing report for the Craig area for the week of the 27th thru the 30th was a steady bite for King salmon and good for halibut of under 44 inch size. We tried for larger halibut but came up with none after 4 days of fishing. Weather was very nice with calm winds, flat water and good fishing. We had two groups up this week with the Hoarst family and Bob Castle and Bill Osuchowski group for a total of 6 anglers. All anglers got their limits of King salmon for the days fishing here in Craig at Kingfisher Lodge.

Monte and Debbie with a couple nice May King salmon

Monte and Debbie with a couple nice May King salmon







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May 27th, 2013

May 27th started out with beautiful weather, calm winds and sunny skies. We started fishing with 2 boats in front of the l0dge and within a hour landing 4 nice bright king salmon between two boats. From Port St. Nicholas we went out to our outer fishing spots and before long landed our limits of King salmon. Halibut fishing was productive as well but fish are fewer as the season is early and finding lots of large halibut can be a time consuming endeavor. Our largest halibut was under 44 inches but limits were landed so we were happy about that.

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Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 11th


Curtis Bill, Dan, Chuck,Mike Weyerhauser, and Jens from Sweden.

Sportfishing report for Kingfisher lodge on Prince of Wales Island, Craig Alaska July 11th, 2012 was a great day to be an Angler especially if your name is Larry Whitefoot who landed a wopper 49 pound King salmon, unfortunately he didn’t buy a King salmon derby ticket so might have been a little richer if he had of.
My boat went to east Addington and landed one King salmon and 14 or so silver salmon, not counting about 75 small halibut that we had to let loose. Joel did the same but landed one or two King salmon and 3 limits  of silver salmon or 18, as well Rafael who also landed several limits of silvers and one King salmon. We all ended up going south to Granite point where boats were limiting on King salmon very early but as we had gone later the bite slowed down. Our boat landed the remainder of our King salmon which was 6 and then went out for halibut which we landed 6 nice ones in a couple hours fishing. Joel did the same landing some nice 45″ halibut and having to release 5 over one hundred pounds as they did not fall into the 68″ and over limit. Rafael’s boat also went out halibut fishing landing his limit of nice halibut.

Larry Whitefoot and his 49 pound King salmon.

 Sooo…the story of Larry’s big king as told by his buddies goes like this. Larry was feeling pretty “chummy” due to the flu bug and after a two hour nap came out made 2 casts and hooked the big one weighed in at the dock as 49 pounds. Rafael was the skipper so hats off to both of them.

Mike, Howard, Jim, & Larry


Mike, Kevin, & Jim



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June 25th Prince of Wales Sportfishing report, Craig Alaska

Prince of Wales Sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska for June 25th 2012 started out with heavy overcast skies which kept our early arrival of guests arriving late due to the weather. We were scheduled for a half day fishing which once they arrived we geared up and headed out. Both boats landed a total of 5 King salmon and 10 Silver salmon for the half day fishing. Weather was for windy and wet the next 2 days.

Jim McGowan with his 32 pound King salmon

Ama, Shawn, Randy, Jim, and Terry first half day fishing


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June 23rd Prince of Wales Sportfishing report, Craig Alaska

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska on June 23rd 2012 was blue skies, 80 degree temperatures, a NW 15 knot wind.

Today we went fishing off the coast a short distance and many other boats joined us as word has spread of fish being caught in that area and it appears other favorite spots have been slower fishing. The fish have been biting early and then tapers off within the first 3 hours fishing in the morning so if you capitalize on an early morning bite you stand a good chance of securing your limit of King salmon. We had our limit of King salmon by 8:30 or so in the morning and since the silver salmon have been showing up in better numbers continued to catch them and ended up with 10 silver salmon for the 4 anglers on the boat. Listening to the chatter on the radio it sounded as though boats were anywhere from no king salmon to having a limit with many boats landing silver salmon. Since the King salmon were at much lower depths than the silver salmon I suspect that the boats catching only silvers were fishing higher depths opting for the more action by staying up higher and less chance of having to pull up another small chicken halibut that one will quickly hook if you hang out near the bottom.

Halibut fishing for the day was slower as we are always looking for that 45″ halibut but only finding one in almost 2 hours of fishing we moved on to a spot that has more fish but smaller and finished up with our limit settling on a few smaller grade halibut.

I want to thank the Wiper family for coming fishing with us and hope to see them again in the future as they have also become a welcome group to our lodge and become friends over the years.

Kara, Jeff, Cole, and Chase

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June 21st. Prince of Wales Sportfishing report, Craig Alaska

Nils, Chase and Cole exploring the sea caves

June 21st Prince of Wales Sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska.

Kara, Jeff, Cole, and Chase Wiper with a nice catch.

Today the weather was calm with overcast skies when we headed out for our King salmon hoping to land another derby fish we went to the same fishing spot but caught no salmon there so moved off shore and soon found some King salmon. Although the fish were plentiful the size was small so we had to let some undersized Kings go until we finally landed our limit of legal size fish with the largest about 20 pounds.Halibut fishing for us was pretty good landing some nice fish with the largest at 43 pounds.

 King salmon fishing in the Craig area remained steady as most boats are limiting on their King salmon although depending on where you are you may have to work for your fish or if you are looking for that bigger fish. It seems there are a fair number of schooling fish in the smaller or just legal size limit of 28 inches to 33 inches or so.

Halibut fishing in the Craig area has been picking up slowly as the salmon migration speeds up and water temperatures rise they seem to be in larger numbers although most guides are struggling to land respectable catches nearing the 45 in range.


Kara with her nice King salmon



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June 19th Prince of Wales Sportfishing report, Craig Alaska

June 19th Craig Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher lodge on Prince of Wales Island Alaska.

Ivo, Mike, Nate, and Richard


This morning we left the dock at 5 am headed for King Salmon and was torn between somewhere new and our old spot where the Waterfall boats had converged on us the day before. Reports for King salmon were dismal and so wanting to fish alone we headed out to search for our King salmon. First stop yeilded one King salmon and not hearing much good news on the radio decided to head out to the ocean and try our luck with the bottom fishing hitting low slack tide. Off we went and in a couple hours secured a limit of nice halibut and then decided to head for rockfish. Hitting some rockfish spots we landed 4 yellow eye, one oversized halibut (50″) a Ling cod and while fishing we spotted some salmon on the sounder so dropping down our salmon gear landed the remaining 3 of our King salmon. So ended a successful day of fishing at Kingfisher lodge and some happy customers. Tomorrow is half day morning then a new group with a half day scheduled for the afternoon as well so will put in a long day but will hope for light winds, sunny skies and hungry fish.

Richard, Nate, Ivo, and Mike

Ivo with his respectable Halibut at 43"

Nate, Ivo, Richard, and Mike


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