June 20 sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska



Tom with a nice King salmon

Tom with a nice King salmon

June 20th sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska and southern southeast Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales island. Today the winds were calm with flat water to the outside where we were greeted by a light wind and 2 foot seas, overcast skies. King salmon and Silver salmon fishing was as good as I have seen for some years now with King salmon attacking our anglers baits from very shallow depths. We had limited on Kings very early and a nicer grade than we had seen earlier on the outer coast with average sizes about 19 pounds and catching 2 limits of Coho or Silver salmon along with the Kings. Coho limits are 6 per person per day. We had to release many Kings due to trying to catch the Coho as they were mixed in with the Coho’s. Once the salmon bite slowed down we went out bottom fishing and were not dissapointed as we landed out limits of Yellow eye and a few Ling cod. Halibut fishing was very good as we landed a nicer grade of smaller ones averaging about 20 pounds.
This abundance of King salmon apparently runs clear up to Sitka as word is there it is very good fishing which makes me believe we will see a steady run up to the commercial King salmon opener which will make a impact on the sportfishing for Kings. That season opens July 1. It makes me wonder why the index was set so low with so many King salmon in the area and also the Sitka area as well. Either way it is nice to have the fish here and with the amount of Silver salmon showing up and the large release of Prince of Wales Hatchery coho’s in 2012 at 4.8 million it is expected to be a spectacular season for salmon fishing here in the Craig area. For those that have booked trips here in the Craig area they can expect good fishing or catching if all that appears to be happening continues throughout the summer.

Conan, Neil, Tom, Scott, & Jeff

Steve, Bob, Rick, Glen, and Duane

Rick, Bob,Steve, Glen, and Duane





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June 18 sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska

June 18 fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska and southern S.E. Alaska outside waters. We were greeted this morning with flat water outside the lodge and overcast skies so were off leaving the dock by 5 am. My boat had a half day fishing so had to get out and get it done and be back before 11 am while the other two boats were off for the day fishing. The day ended with all our boats limiting on King salmon and halibut as well as some silver salmon if one wanted to put the time into fishing for Coho or Silver salmon. Blake landed 9 silver salmon on his boat and said they had at least that many on that came off the hook. Joel concentrated on larger halibut after quickly landing his 4 King salmon so did not try for Silvers, their larges halibut was 35 pounds. My boat had a short day so Kings and Halibut was our goal.

Greg, Claude, Page, and John

Greg, Claude, Page, and John

Steve,Ryan, and Jim

Steve,Ryan, and Jim

Len, Harry, Kim, David, Nate, and Jerry

Len, Harry, Kim, David, Nate, and Jerry


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June 16 fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska


Nate, Jerry, Kim, Harry, David (hiding) and Len.

Nate, Jerry, Kim, Harry, David (hiding) and Len.

June 16th started with crystal clear skies flat water and lots of King salmon to catch as anyone that was out sport fishing was able to catch King salmon and limits were mostly caught by all boats today with many boats releasing Kings that might have put them over their limit or were close to the 28 inch minimum size for a King salmon. Most of the Kings have been smaller school fish in the 30 to 34 inch range on the outside of Noyes island. We were fishing in closer to shore inside looking for a nice grade of Kings which we did find but nothing larger than 25 pounds but the average was more like 19 pounds. Halibut fishing was slower as we were looking for some nice grade up to 45 inches and we did land some nice ones, releasing one about 50 inches landing one at 45 inches and the rest were smaller but respectable fish. As it was we put many hours in hunting for them. All our boats landed limits of salmon and halibut on this day. Silver salmon are still showing up with most boats hooking and landing at least a few.

Claude, Steve, Page, Greg, Ryan, Jim, and John

Claude, Steve, Page, Greg, Ryan, Jim, and John


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June 12 Craig Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge

The 12th of June was not as good for us as the previous day as we worked for our king salmon and not that we did not have opportunity as we landed 5 King salmon per boat but lost at least as many so opportunity was there we just had a bit of trouble with the landing of the fish. We are not too worried though as we have a total of 4 days to land 36 King salmon for the 12 anglers so we are optimistic that that can be done in the next few days. Again halibut fishing was fine as the anglers on my boat were happy with what we brought up with the salmon rods. Water remains calm with the outside still a little roll of 5 feet.

Julius Matesi with a nice 30 pound King salmon

Julius Matesi with a nice 30 pound King salmon

Ed and Lynn VIllanueva with a nice King salmon

Ed and Lynn VIllanueva with a nice King salmon

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Alaska Salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska, August 2nd

Bob, Richard, Lyle, and Tom with a great August catch of Alaska salmon

Alaska Salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska August 2nd 2012 on Prince of Wales island. This morning we woke to 10 mph winds and overcast skies with light rain. We went straight out to Noyes island where we started fishing for salmon spending 3 hours getting limits of Silver salmon while Joel and the crew on the Trinity went out to the Rock Pile hoping to get some more King salmon, which they did as Tom Giblock of Gilette Wyoming hooked a 4o pound King which took him close to a half hour to land. Once they had the King in the boat they continued fishing at the rock pile, but landing only a few silvers decided to get their halibut and then move to inside waters to look for more salmon.

Tom Giblock and his 40 pound Alaska salmon

While we were out catching our halibut they went into St. Joe island and landed their limits of Silver salmon and one more King salmon getting in on a wide open Silver bite. It appears that the Silver salmon runs are remaining steady and we only hope that the run continues to remain strong for the next couple of weeks.

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Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska, July 27th 2012

anglers with alaskan salmon

The Cannon group with a wonderful catch of Alaska salmon Jia and Mathew with a nice 58 pound King salmon

Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska, July 27th 2012 started out again with flat calm water but no fog. We went to Hole in the Wall where we had been doing quite well, but today the fishing dropped off and landed 12 Coho’s in a short time and then went down to watching the wildlife but no fish. We decided to go halibut fishing and landed our 6 halibut in one hour and then went off to where Joel had found large amounts of Coho salmon and after he left with his limit we finally started landing the wiley Coho and within a few hours finished with our limit and 2 King salmon. Joel had landed his limit and one King salmon. The total today was 72 silver salmon 3 King salmon, 12 Halibut, and one Ling cod. At the end of the day we ended up with a 52 pound King salmon after it was gutted and the picture shows Mathew Cannon with this beautiful fish but will leave it to Mathew to finish the story.

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Alaska Salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 26th, 2012

Picture of Cannon group

Matt, Frank, Sam, Dan, Frank, and Jia from China with his nice 30 pound King salmon

Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska on July 26th was without wind, but was partly foggy throughout the area. Silver salmon fishing was red hot in all areas around Noyes island and imagine that the other islands had their fair share of fish as well. Kingfisher Lodge boats limited on Silver salmon fairly early this morning but only catching one nice 30 pound King salmon. Jia from China landed his first King salmon and his first Alaska salmon weighing in at 32 pounds. Sam Brumal landed one nice Halibut at over one hundred pounds and another at 44 inches or about 39 pounds on his 78 birthday, Good job Sam. Halibut fishing has steadily improved and quite easy to land 30 pound and larger halibut if weather and a little time is available to fish for them. This is encouraging as it appears that the cutbacks that IPHC made in 2011 has helped out considerably with nicer fish showing up. Today we landed 72 silver salmon, 12 halibut and one King salmon for 12 anglers.

Men with alaska fish

Bob and Larry with a boat load of fish. Not pictured is Bob, Gordon, Rich, and Jim.

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Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 24th, 2012

Tony, George, Al, and Scott in a game of horseshoes

The Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska for July 24th turned out to be another great day of fishing for Silver salmon and Halibut but was slower for King salmon. North West winds blew early on the day then lessened as the day progressed but out at the Rockpile and Pineapple rock were not as good as the previous day for King salmon although remained strong for Silver salmon.  Most all prominant areas have silver salmon in them with some areas having very strong schools of fish. Totals for the day for 13 anglers was limits of Halibut, Silver salmon and only 2 King salmon. Alaska salmon fishing will increase in productivity as the season progresses, this is my optimistic view.

Wilber, Shawn, Dan, Blake,Eric, and Miguel and limiting in record time on silver salmon

Tyrone Sr. and Jr. with a great day of Alaska salmon fishing

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Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 15th & 16th

LaShawn, Carter, and David with their limits of Coho they caught.

Prince of Wales & S.E. Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska was a windy day to be on the water. Sportfishing off of Prince of Wales on the west side was westerly winds blowing 25 knots and by Monday were up to gale force winds with boats  restricted to the lee side of any island that would offer protection from the built up seas on the outer coast. Inside spots were slim that had any quantity of fish and for many they ended up off of East side of Cape Addington where boats are protected but the wind blows over the cape and down causing williwaws and  pretty tough fishing. We chose to fish the inside islands which worked well on Sunday landing 31 Coho’s on our boat and Joel ended up with 3 King salmon and 8 or 10 Coho’s. I had 3 children on my boat LaShawn 13, Carter 10 and David 8 and each one outfished the adults landing their limits early on in the morning. Halibut fishing was great and we ended up braving the ocean wind and swell and were rewarded with a nice 75″ or over 200 pound halibut caught by 13 year old LaSawn Stutz. We also landed several other under 45″ halibut, as well as two of which we had to release that were in the 75 to 100 pound class but in the slot size 45″ – 68″.

Monday fishing was very tough for us as we headed for our last spot of success the day before, but landed only 7 silvers there then spending the next 4 hours looking for large halibut, but with the winds even more severe than on Sunday were restricted to where we could fish. Long story put short we ended up burning some gas traveling up to Cape Addington to land some small halibut to finish up that limit. Word was most boats struggled to catch anywhere near limits due to the gale force winds that is keeping boats off major salmon and halibut migration routes. I might add that on Monday the kids were all wore out from the two previous days and since they were not fishing I suspect that is why our fish count was down as they were the ones putting fish in the boat on Sunday.

LaSawn, David Sr., and David Jr. with LaSawn's 75" 200 plus size halibut

Stutz group with a nice days fishing

Joel's crew on the lee of Baker Island on a day of gale force winds from the west.


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Alaska salmon fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 14th

David Stutz group.

Prince of Wales & S.E. Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 12th. Sportfishing on Prince of Wales island in the Craig area was a bit slower today as not only did fishing die down a bit but the N.W. winds picked up to 25 knots which limited areas to fish. We started out fishing the inside and many boats found quick morning bites that landed them some of their King salmon and Silver salmon but most of those petered out for the most part and many boats came home shy of limits. We for our part ended up landing 3 Kings, 12 Coho, 6 nice halibut and one Ling cod. Joel landed 4 Kings, 10 Coho, and half his limit of Halibut due to landing up to 8 large skates which took up a bunch of his time. We ended up landing some nice halibut but on one which we estimated between 75 and 100 pounds an extra large bull sea lion took our halibut from 200 feet of water and up to the surface it came out about 500 yards or more. David Stutz brought his Shimano TLD 50 two speed reels and thats what he hooked it on thankfully but after about a half hour of pulling against that big old bull all he got back was part of the head. He said it was better than fighting a large marlin. So check out the picture of what was left…not much but lips and some gill plate. Had a great day though but with the winds building and seas mounting by the time we were done it was blowing 25 knots and 6 to 7 foot seas on the outside waters and we had 4 in the cabin and 2 out fishing. Tomorrow will be to rough to fish those outside waters I am pretty sure.

David and what is left of his halibut

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