June 6

Monday morning had continuing west wind at 25 knots building to 30 knots in the afternoon making fishing a bit difficult but with the sun out and the fish biting it made it a great day. Halibut fishing was tough though since we were limited to our options and were not interested in fighting the ocean conditions. Limits for salmon were completed by late morning landing 11 kings the largest being in the 25 lb. class.

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June 4th

We decided to go to the north end of Noyes island for our fishing day which when we showed up there were kings jumping out of the water but had a bit of a time hooking them until I had us switch to the downriggers from mooching and we landed a king immediately and lost one. Then soon after they started biting on cut plug herring so we switched and in the end landed 9 kings keeping 5. We then went for our halibut, bottom and rock fish.

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June 3rd

June 3rd started out with a king on the first drift, landing 2 and loosing one in the first hour of the day. From our first stop we went on west to our next stop which we landed a nice 22 lb king on the first drop, landing a total of 2 on the first drift and finishing up with 5 kings landed and 2 lost by 9:30 am. Then we went looking for halibut under 37″ and kept catching kings and having to release them having a tripple header on at the last and having to release them. After landing our halibut we went on to finish up on Yellow eye, black sea bass and some Rough eye.
Day was sunny with 5 mph winds and 4 ft. swell coming out of the SW.

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June 2

Fishing report for Wednesday June 2nd was good solid fishing with king limits by 9 am and all boats in our area limiting out by mid morning. Weather was sunny skies, 65 degree temp. 5 mph wind speed, 2 ft. swell. See photo’s for todays catch.

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June 1

Today we had 10 fisherment out landing 10 kings the largest 22 lbs. One of the boats got a late start and missed the early bite but came through in the end with the limits. Weather was nice with 5 mph wind, sunny skies and 70 degree temps. Nice photo ops with the humback whales.

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