Craig Alaska fishing report for July 2nd thru the 5th of July, 2018.

Carl Postma group with a great day of fishing!

Craig Alaska fishing report for the 2nd thru the 5th of July. First of all we had beautiful weather and ocean conditions the past 3 days and everyone had a great time enjoying the beauty S.E. has to offer. King and Silver salmon fishing has been extra tough the past 3 days although all 16 guests landed their limits of King salmon only 5 Silvers or Coho were caught. Bottom fishing for rockfish and Ling cod is very good though saving our bacon and keeping the guests happy landing limits of these fish they have sometimes overlooked in the past due to larger numbers of salmon around. The commercial troll opening was on July 1st and they have also been way down on their catches and surely will affect the sport fisherman to a degree. We are optimistic that more fish will begin to show up as traditionally is the case but as of yesterday it was a struggle. Halibut fishing for the 38″ and under has also been tough off Noyes island, there seems to be plenty of the big ones around but unless a person has purchased a GAF fish they must be released. Looking forward to more fish coming in, stay tuned for the next report, thanks for reading.

The John Wilson family with a great catch. Justin and Jaren both landed 100 plus pound halibut but had to let them go.

The Giraud family with a great catch of fish!

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Alaska Kingfisher Lodge fishing report July 22nd – 24th, 2017

Don’t find these in Nebraska!

Alaska sport fishing report for July 22nd thru the 24th for the Craig area on Prince of Wales island. Weather was our friend the past 3 days with ideal ocean conditions and salmon fishing as good as it can get for Coho salmon. King salmon are still being caught and our boats landing part if not all limits each day, and same for most boats fishing in the Craig area. Coho limits seem to be quite easy to fill with hardly any Pink salmon being caught…(I say that with trepidation). I like to have some pinks around as they make great halibut bait but past 3 days I never even had one on. The commercial seiners have not been fishing much off Noyes island so that might be the reason but we don’t miss the seiners since they scoop up lots of Coho when they are stretching out their nets, and when they do we see a drop in numbers. Commercial trollers are saying it is slow Coho fishing off shore so not sure what that means if we will see a drop off in our sport numbers or not but for now it has been steady and good. Halibut fishing has been good but putting in many hours trying to find a quality size fish say 38″ to 44″. We have been spending up to an hour a fish at times and been fishing a large area scouting but not finding any consistency anywhere. There seem to be a large number of oversize halibut 46″ up to 65″ and have landed and released some in the 70″ plus size. The largest landed for a GAF halibut has been 72″ if my memory is correct.
That is what I have to report for now, thanks for reading my report and all those who come fishing at Kingfisher lodge in Craig, we appreciate your business, we love catching fish!! Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

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Fishing report for June 27th thru June 30th, 2015.

Dave Poleski with Don Lenny's 40 pound King salmon.

Dave Poleski with Don Lenny’s 40 pound King salmon.

Alaska Fishing report June 27th thru June 30th, 2015 for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska. We had a group of 10 in for the past 4 days from Alberta Canada, Wisconsin and Illinois. King salmon fishing was a bit scratchy or we had to work for our limits even though we had 4 days to accomplish landing a total of 60 King salmon for the 10 guests. The first day both boats landed limits of King salmon, and halibut, the other days were less productive, but in 4 days we landed the total bag limits for a non resident. The last day was a bonus day landing limits of silvers as well so all in all the trip was a huge success and we again enjoyed the group from Alberta Canada. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of the trips.

Boys from Alberta with a great catch of fish, good job guys.

Boys from Alberta with a great catch of fish, good job guys.

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July 2nd sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska

Sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska fishing the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island in S.E Alaska. Today we had 9 anglers on the water in two boats and I was very curious how fishing or catching would be after the first day of the commercial opener. We were not disappointed though as catching was pretty good still getting doubles, triples and quads on King salmon from time to time. The fish we caught today were smaller on average but were happy with what we caught. Silver salmon also seemed easy enough to catch if one spent time after them only we did hook up with quite a few King salmon trying to get the limit of Silvers. We did come short on the silvers but only by a little, so tomorrow we will see what happens. Halibut fishing and bottom fishing was also good on Joel’s boat and we did not target bottom fish today on my boat.

Captain Joel Steenstra and his crew the Rodgers family had a great day out fishing off Noyes island. They caught their limits of King salmon, halibut, yellow eye, and 24 Coho’s for the days fishing. Great job to all the family! The boys really know how to reel in those King salmon, what a great family vacation.

Kerry, Andy, Conner, Brady, Mike, & Ryan

Carol and Jack with their great catch of Salmon.

Carol and Jack with their great catch of Salmon.

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June 11th fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge

Tuesday June 11th was a good day to be fishing for King salmon as both boats with a total of 12 anglers limited on King salmon. Water was nice sun was out and we had a great time. Biggest King was 29 pounds caught by Julius Matesi. Halibut fishing and bottom fishing remains steady but still landing no 68″ or above yet.

Paul, Randy, Matt, Jim, Conner, and Darrel

Paul, Randy, Matt, Jim, Conner, and Darrel

Geno, Julius, Brian, Eugene, Lynn, and Ed

Geno, Julius, Brian, Eugene, Lynn, and Ed


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June 5th Craig fishing report

June 5th thru the 9th brought us two groups of 6 and 4 persons the 4 person group being the Seth Mitchner group and the 6 person group being the Pete Anselmo group. The sport fishing report for this week for the Craig area started out by gale warnings from NOAA weather which was spot on as gale force winds blew in on the morning of the 6th with seas building to 15 feet by the 7th. Fishing was still ok although tough due to weather the guys did ok landing most of their limits of King salmon actually for both groups just shy of their limits by one king each or two kings for 10 anglers, not bad considering the water conditions. We had a tough crew though who came here to fish and weather or not toughed it out. Halibut fishing was a bit tougher as water conditions kept us from some of the areas we might normally fish. By the last day though we got limits of bottom fish and had to release a nice 90 pound halibut due to the size restriction of having to be over 68 inches which gave a few groans from the crew but were accepting of their fate of it all. Scott Benshoof of Las Vegas is now leading the King salmon derby with his 43 lb King.

Scott Benshoof with his 43 lb derby leader

Scott Benshoof with his 43 lb derby leader


Harry, Scott, Tim, and Seth

Harry, Scott, Tim, and Seth

Tom, Tom, Scott, Ed, Pete, Rocky

Tom, Tom, Scott, Ed, Pete, Rocky


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May 27-May 30

Prince of Wales sport fishing report for the Craig area for the week of the 27th thru the 30th was a steady bite for King salmon and good for halibut of under 44 inch size. We tried for larger halibut but came up with none after 4 days of fishing. Weather was very nice with calm winds, flat water and good fishing. We had two groups up this week with the Hoarst family and Bob Castle and Bill Osuchowski group for a total of 6 anglers. All anglers got their limits of King salmon for the days fishing here in Craig at Kingfisher Lodge.

Monte and Debbie with a couple nice May King salmon

Monte and Debbie with a couple nice May King salmon







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June 23rd Prince of Wales Sportfishing report, Craig Alaska

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska on June 23rd 2012 was blue skies, 80 degree temperatures, a NW 15 knot wind.

Today we went fishing off the coast a short distance and many other boats joined us as word has spread of fish being caught in that area and it appears other favorite spots have been slower fishing. The fish have been biting early and then tapers off within the first 3 hours fishing in the morning so if you capitalize on an early morning bite you stand a good chance of securing your limit of King salmon. We had our limit of King salmon by 8:30 or so in the morning and since the silver salmon have been showing up in better numbers continued to catch them and ended up with 10 silver salmon for the 4 anglers on the boat. Listening to the chatter on the radio it sounded as though boats were anywhere from no king salmon to having a limit with many boats landing silver salmon. Since the King salmon were at much lower depths than the silver salmon I suspect that the boats catching only silvers were fishing higher depths opting for the more action by staying up higher and less chance of having to pull up another small chicken halibut that one will quickly hook if you hang out near the bottom.

Halibut fishing for the day was slower as we are always looking for that 45″ halibut but only finding one in almost 2 hours of fishing we moved on to a spot that has more fish but smaller and finished up with our limit settling on a few smaller grade halibut.

I want to thank the Wiper family for coming fishing with us and hope to see them again in the future as they have also become a welcome group to our lodge and become friends over the years.

Kara, Jeff, Cole, and Chase

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June 20th, “Saal Day of the big King Salmon”

June 20th Prince of Wales sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska.

Today we left the lodge to flat water and cloudy skies with a half day fishing we needed to be back at the dock by 10 am and then we have another group coming in to also fish the afternoon. We landed our first King salmon by 6:45  am by Nate Saal from Palo Alto California weighing in the Craig Klawock King salmon derby at a wopping 54.5 pounds putting him in first place. (There is still 9 more days to beat him out of his first place and we will by trying to better that weight with our next groups).  Once we put the big one in the boat we landed a couple nice halibut one oversized we had to let go and two others at under 45″. From there we moved on to another spot and in a short time secured an additional 6 King salmon and then it was time to head back the lodge to weigh in the fish and get the new guests. Thus ended a great trip with some great guys.

Nate with his 54.5 pound King salmon derby leader

Very happy face

Official weighing in of Nates derby leader

The second half of the day was more of a struggle as we headed out with the Wiper family and finally landed our 3 King salmon closing our day with a happy ending.

Chase, Jeff, and Kara

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August 10th

Ray, Terry, Phil, Jim, Don, Brad, Hollis, Mark, Scott, Lee

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for the Craig Alaska area at Kingfisher Charters & Lodge on August 10th is KINGS! Today we left the dock at 5 am heading west to our old standby spot although Capt. Joel Steenstra went in to a spot he has been doing well at and I went to a spot I have been doing well. Joel’s boat landed 4 king salmon on his first drift and another on his second one so we high tailed it to where he was and landed 2 kings in 2 drifts and then that was it for us for awhile while Joel’s boat landed an additional couple kings. We continued fishing landing silver salmon but much slower than the previous day. In the end we limited on king salmon for both boats and about 65% limits on silvers. First day in a while we didn’t land our limits or close to limits of silver salmon. Chatter was mostly slower fishing for most boats as the coho’s were scarcer than previous days…optimistic that more will flush in as the season continues. Limits of halibut and sea bass were also completed today. Ocean was jacked up a bit but fishable, wind out of the west at 15 to 20 knots.

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