June 20 sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska



Tom with a nice King salmon

Tom with a nice King salmon

June 20th sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska and southern southeast Alaska on the outer coast of Prince of Wales island. Today the winds were calm with flat water to the outside where we were greeted by a light wind and 2 foot seas, overcast skies. King salmon and Silver salmon fishing was as good as I have seen for some years now with King salmon attacking our anglers baits from very shallow depths. We had limited on Kings very early and a nicer grade than we had seen earlier on the outer coast with average sizes about 19 pounds and catching 2 limits of Coho or Silver salmon along with the Kings. Coho limits are 6 per person per day. We had to release many Kings due to trying to catch the Coho as they were mixed in with the Coho’s. Once the salmon bite slowed down we went out bottom fishing and were not dissapointed as we landed out limits of Yellow eye and a few Ling cod. Halibut fishing was very good as we landed a nicer grade of smaller ones averaging about 20 pounds.
This abundance of King salmon apparently runs clear up to Sitka as word is there it is very good fishing which makes me believe we will see a steady run up to the commercial King salmon opener which will make a impact on the sportfishing for Kings. That season opens July 1. It makes me wonder why the index was set so low with so many King salmon in the area and also the Sitka area as well. Either way it is nice to have the fish here and with the amount of Silver salmon showing up and the large release of Prince of Wales Hatchery coho’s in 2012 at 4.8 million it is expected to be a spectacular season for salmon fishing here in the Craig area. For those that have booked trips here in the Craig area they can expect good fishing or catching if all that appears to be happening continues throughout the summer.

Conan, Neil, Tom, Scott, & Jeff

Steve, Bob, Rick, Glen, and Duane

Rick, Bob,Steve, Glen, and Duane





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August 6th


Bob, Lyle, Darrel, Todd, Wade

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for August 6th from Kingfisher Charters & Lodge in Craig Alaska. Leaving the dock at 5 am we fished the Tree hole with Capt. Joel’s boat landing 4 king salmon and 30 silver salmon. The Trinity crew also landed limits of halibut.  The Jeanette Elaine landing 28 silver salmon and 2 king salmon there at the Tree. From the Tree we went looking for our halibut while finding our limits we then headed off looking for 3 more king salmon on the Jeanette Elaine. We fished hard while marking king salmon on the Furuno fish finder we eventually were rewarded with our 3 more king salmon giving us 5 for the day. Weather was sunny skies, 10 mph winds from the NW. Today ended the third day fishing for both groups, we totally enjoyed their company and hope these wonderful folks make it back to our lodge again in the near future.


Bob, Ron, Chad, Gary, Brad

Chad Sali with his nice king salmon

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August 4th

Darrel, Lyle, Bob, Todd, Wade

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for August 4th in Craig Alaska at Kingfisher Charters & Lodge. Leaving the dock today with 10 fishermen in two boats the Trinity guided by Captain Joel Steenstra left for Diamond Pt. and arriving landed a nice king salmon. The Trinity continued on to the Tree hole and continued to land fish both king and silver in good numbers limiting on both species as well as halibut. The Jeanette Elaine went on to the Tree hole as well landing 2 king salmon and the limit of silver salmon as well. Catching appears to be slower but persistant fishing has been paying off with limits.

Brad, Chad, Ron, Bob, Gary

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August 3rd


Dario and NeilDario and Neil

Dario and Neil

Prince of Wales sportfishing report for the Craig area for August 3rd was good catching for Kingfisher Charters and Lodge. The Jeanette Elaine was the only boat out today with Dario and his son Neil DeGhethaldi. We started in for silvers first off landing 6 silver salmon in about 45 minutes. We then headed to the outside of Noyes island where we hooked 4 king salmon, landed 3 releasing one. Reports from the trollers is that they are shaking lots of King Salmon but not many Silver salmon out there as yet off shore.

Halibut fishing was next on the list and so we headed to an old spot off shore for our 37″ limit. Catching was slower than hoped but we finished up on those after about one hour settling for a couple at about 33 inches long. Later in the day we fished some rock piles landing limits of black sea bass, and yellow eye. Dario also landed a 120 pound halibut based on his length which we let go since the maximum halibut retained on a charter boat is 37″. So ended a 4 day trip with Dario and his two sons. We hope to see them back again in the future.

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July 19th

Jerry, Jean, Kent, colleen, Al, & Sharon

July 19th fishing report for the prince of wales island area of Craig Alaska for king salmon, silver salmon, halibut and bottom fish remains strong. Limits can be had in all species as fish are plentiful and weather conditions are good enough for fishing in most waters if the fishermen have medium hardy stomachs.  Todays king salmon were nice average size of 26 pounds for our two boats with coho salmon having a 7 pound average. Halibut are kept to the 37″ rule put into action by the IPHC. Visiting fishermen who come to the Craig area for fishing vacations are pleased for the most part as the salmon are in good numbers and plenty of bottom fish to satisfy most anglers. Weather has been a big help as well as it has remained a pretty stable system throughout the summer except for the 4th of July’s storm.

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