July 19th sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska

Luke Deghetaldi with his Derby leading King salmon

Luke Deghetaldi with his Derby leading King salmon

Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska on Prince of Wales Island. Craig is located in southern south east Alaska and boasts some of the most productive salmon and halibut fishing in the world due to its great location. If you come to Craig you will experience great fishing, great scenery and wildlife all without the crowds of towns like Sitka, Ketchikan and other larger coastal towns. When you come to Craig to sport fish you get the whole package of fishing unlike anywhere else in the world since this area has it all.  Today Captain Joel Steenstra upheld the reputation of this area by landing a great King salmon weighing in at 47.7 pounds which isn’t a monster such as a 70 pounder, but a great trophy King salmon in any fishery. Luke Deghetaldi leads the Craig Klawock King salmon derby with his nice fish he landed today, congratulations to both him and Captain Joel. Joel said that 3 other boats hooked up on King salmon the same time he did and with Stellar Sea Lions cleaning up most Anglers catches these days he was pretty worried about the fish they had on but the fish god’s were good to Joel and Luke today as they picked on the other 3 boats who all lost their fish to the sea lions leaving Joel and Luke to land the trophy King salmon. We spent our time looking for the elusive “monster Halibut” as David has his hopes on one around 300 pounds to beat last years 215 pounder. After 6 hours we came up short but did land a respectable catch and released several in the 45″ – 68″ slot.

Dario, Luke, and Neil with their trophy catch of fish.

Kids day fishing with David, Carter and LaShawn

Kids day fishing with David, Carter and LaShawn

David, Destin, Carter, David, Angelina, and LaShawn with their great catch.

David, Destin, Carter, David, Angelina, and LaShawn with their great catch.



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July 11th

Weyerhauser family day 2

Chuck's big king of the day

July 11th found us off Noyes island straight off the Pinapple rock  this morning. It started out pretty good landing an 18 pound king salmon, then some silver salmon. We kept doing long drifts in 160 feet of water picking up the salmon from the bottom up to 60 feet or so. Mooching of course is the prefered technique and with that you pick up a large quantity of pan sized halibut that raise havoc with leaders but give the fishermen a good pull and every now and then land one worth keeping. Today while trying to release one it shook his head and the salmon hooks ended up in my hand so we had to to a hook removal procedure I have not had to do in the 30 plus years of ocean fishing or in all my 55 years of life. So the guys thought I was like Robert Duval in “Lonesome Dove” since I looked pretty tough pushing the hook through my hand, but the reality was the hook landed in an area with no nerves so was pretty painless. After the surgery we kept picking up silver salmon and a couple more king salmon but then the lumpy water got one of the guys chumming more than we thought necessary so we went north to settle his stomach and ended up off Roller bay landing another king and more silver salmon. By noon we had enough of the rollers and Roller bay and headed to the Cape landing our 5th King salmon and totaled out at 26 silver salmon, so had a great day. We also cleaned up on black sea bass that are quite prolific at Roller bay so the guys got their limits of those bait thieves as well.

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June 24th

Leaving the dock at Kingfisher Lodge we had a choppy wind to buck to the fishing grounds that was a bit uncomfortable but only in the sense that drinking coffee was impossible. Once we got to our fishing spot we found it a bit different than we yesterday afternoon when we left. The fish were not as many for sure but we were able to get our limit within a few hours landing 5 kings. From there we went on to get our halibut which we did fairly quickly or at least within a hour or more. As our group is leaving this afternoon we had to get back to the lodge to process and box up the fish for their departure.
Weather seemed to get better as the day went on with winds lightening up a bit.

Mark, Nate, Len, Harry, Mark

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