July 5th


Chuck and his 25 pound St. Nicholas king salmon

July 5th as we had no guests at our Alaska fishing lodge, but I wanted to know if the king salmon fishing was still as good for me as it had been and since I need a daily fix of catching at least one king salmon for the day. So off I went out in front of the lodge and dropped my gear and went to my usual depth for the area that I have been fishing and was rewarded with a nice king salmon in the first hour of fishing. After landing the fish I again dropped down and in another hour landed another nice king salmon so that finished me for the morning fishing since I had projects to accomplish other than catching salmon.
When evening came the neighbor had some friends visiting and so took them out which was a set of 7 year old twin boys, their 11 year old sister, the mother and the neighbor. Within a hour we hooked a nice bright king salmon but lost it. We didn’t like that much so back to it we went and dropping down again to the same depth we trolled around for another hour and a half with the twins jumping around like Mexican jumping beans banging on the windows and just being boys, and finally hooked and landed a nice bright 20 pound king so the 11 year old who had been watching the rod waiting for any little twitch of the rod tip was rewarded for her patience.

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