June 28th

Leaving the dock at 5:30 am we headed for Cape Bartolome as I had heard from the fishing reports that the kings were in great numbers there. By 6:30 we had our lines in the water with our cut plug herring and started getting hits at 70 feet below the surface. Most of the fish were up high rather than deeper and before long were landing kings with doubles and tripples, but having to release some of the kings that were small or lightly hooked. We kept 5 and then moved on to a spot I had been fishing earlier in the month to check it out and sure enough there were many kings there as well landing half a dozen and seeing many more on the fish finder. We had most our halibut already so we went looking for a few nicer halibut but not finding anything of size headed for the dock closing a easy day of fishing.
Then Trinity guided by Rich Rodgers had limited as well quite early and went on to catch their yellow eye and sea bass.

Bob and Vicki (missing are Monte & Deb)

Chris, Dave, Justin, Darren

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