July 1st sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska

Carey Wilson from Alberta Canada with a nice 34 inch Ling cod.

Carey Wilson from Alberta Canada with a nice 34 inch Ling cod.

Sport fishing report from Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska fishing the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island in S.E Alaska. Today was the commercial troll opening for King salmon for S.E. Alaska. For us in our area we had a large fleet of trollers land in off Noyes island. We were greeted by the troll fleet as we rounded the cape of Ulitka and headed down to little Roller bay to look for some Silver salmon and a few King salmon. The ocean was very nice with a S.W. wind of 10 knots and although there were already many trollers fishing the area we were not disappointed in our fishing as we immediately started hooking salmon once we dropped our baits in the water and without the Sea Lions we were able to land what we needed for the day. I don’t know what happened to the Sea Lions, but possibly the overwhelming amount of boats made them a bit shy or possibly a rifle shot or two by a unknown troller might have made them wary of the boats. The trollers were doing quite well from what we could see and I talked to one at noon and he had landed over 200 King salmon and about 40 Silver salmon. If you do the math on that by at least one hundred trollers off Noyes island and if they were also catching in those numbers it adds up to a large number of King salmon being harvested. The trollers have a 6 day opener and each day the numbers of King salmon will decrease for them and us.

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