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Craig Alaska charter fishing report August 25th.

Prince of Wales sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge in Craig Alaska for August 21st to the 23rd. The three days posted we should have had 16 guests in but unfortunately one of our guests had heart issues just before boarding the flight to Klawock and had to be admitted to the intensive care unit in the Ketchikan hospital and we sincerely hope that Bob is recovering and makes it back home soon. Aside from that fishing remained good although not “wide open” “rocket fire” when limits are had in less than an hour but it was steady enough for limits most days. Although we had 4 GAF to get much time was spent finding acceptable GAF fish for all boats which all happened on the last day as the ocean had subsided enough to allow the boats to fish without people “Feeding the Fish”. All in all the season seems to be ending on a good note with boats in the Craig area able to continue to land limits of Coho. For us we only have 6 more days of fishing and we will close our doors with another great season behind us. Until then we hope the Coho’s keep coming in.