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Halibut & Bottom Fish

The North American Pacific halibut fishery began long ago by the various indigenous peoples inhabiting the northwestern coastline of North America. Alaska halibut fishing continues to be one of the most sought after fisheries in Alaska for both sport, charter, and commercial long line as both user groups struggle for their share of the Halibut’s delicious white meat. Your guides will make sure that halibut and bottom fishing is made one of the priorities over the course of the day, making sure that you get your catch of Halibut and bottom fish. Halibut, Ling cod, and Yellow eye are our goals with each group. The Ling cod is highly sought after with the largest coming in over 80 pounds but legal slot limit for our area has been 30” to 45” with a trophy size of 55” and larger. Halibut slot limit has been 40” and smaller or 80” and larger. Yellow eye has been one per season any size. There are also a large variety of Pelagic and non-Pelagic rock fish.

Methods for catching bottom fish vary depending on water conditions, sometimes we anchor and sometimes we drift fish over structure or flats depending on what we are targeting. Depth of water can vary from shallow 60’ to over 400’. For our bottom fishing we use Shimano Trevali rods with Avet 2 speed reels lined with Power Pro braided line using both bait and jigs for all species of bottom fish.

What is GAF fish? Guided Angler Fish is a new avenue for an angler on a charter boat in Alaska to purchase or lease halibut from a commercial IFQ (individual fishing quota permit) holder. The price varies from year to year based on commercial dock prices. Individuals or groups interested in GAF fish must contact our lodge in advance to procure the permit pre-season and must be paid in full upon agreement, the price averages around $500/fish. GAF has no size restrictions for the one fish purchased and does not take away from your regular limit.