Kingfisher Lodge P.O. Box 1043, Craig, Alaska 99921 (907) 826-3350

The Lodge

Kingfisher Lodge accommodates groups from 3 to 18.

When you visit Kingfisher Charters and Lodge you will be housed in one of four units that give the lodge a total of over 4,500 sq. feet of housing area. The lodge can accommodate groups ranging from 3 to 18 people depending on the occupancy at the time when you book. All units have living room areas, kitchen and dining, private bathrooms and double bedrooms, Wi-Fi and satellite TV. Wake up with the Pacific Ocean right outside your doorstep, have breakfast and coffee before you make the short walk down to the boats, and have your genuine Alaskan fishing experience. No crowded docks here trying to find your charter boat; it’s all within 200 feet of your lodging….

Meals prepared and served with family style care!

Dinner is served in the privacy of your own dining area.


Breakfasts are “make your own” due to the wide array of needs and wants from the different guests and to simplify our mornings at Kingfisher Lodge, which we focus on early departures. Everything will be provided for you in your own apartment kitchen. The fridge and freezer will be full with everything from freshly homemade sweet breads, cereal, milk, coffee, tea, eggs, waffles, bacon, hash browns, sausages etc. so you can prepare yourself for a long and successful day out on the ocean.


Lunch is provided to you on the boat. You will have an array of sandwiches, fruit, chips, bottled water, coffee, soft drinks, fresh homemade cookies and sweet bread with you, to make sure that you have the energy to make it through the day.


Dinner is served in the privacy of your own dining area. One of your dinners will be the favored steak and crab night, where we serve up savory grilled steaks accompanied with fresh Dungeness crab. For the rest of your stay, your dinners will consist of your freshly caught Alaskan Salmon or Halibut, sea bass, ling cod as well as our local spot prawns. Upon arrival at the dock each day, some of your fish is filleted and brought up to the kitchen to be cooked up for that night’s dinner, making it some of the freshest seafood dinners you have ever had.

Daily Room ServicePrivate Dining