Kingfisher lodge


Craig Alaska fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge July 7th through the 14th.

Sport fishing report for Craig Alaska on Prince of Wales island during the above dates. Charter boats are now more abundant around the Craig area as local lodges and charter operators increase their client numbers coming to fish despite the covid pandemic. Travel to Alaska has been difficult due to the travel restrictions, testing, and available flights to Ketchikan. We appreciate those that make the effort to come which includes more expense of testing and travel along with uncertainty of flight reliability with airlines. Those that have come have been rewarded with increase size limits on halibut and increase bag limits on King salmon (up to 6 from 3). Craig charter boats have produced good numbers of kings on average despite in climate sea conditions overall this summer. Limits have been possible on King salmon with silver or Coho salmon sprinkling in. Some boats targeting silvers have been limiting other boats are focused on king salmon so might not get too many silvers in the same day.

Halibut fishing has been good and with the 45″ size limit has increased the pounds of fish folks are taking home and of course the increased king limits as well. As of this writing Captain Nils Backstrome had 12 king salmon and 13 cohos by 7:30 am this morning and was out halibut fishing when I texted him. Although he was worried he would have a hard time finding those kind of numbers due to some reports he was getting yesterday the sea provided for him and his guests today!

For those willing go through the effort and expense to come to Craig Alaska and not cancel their trip, will be rewarded with a trip more similar to many years ago; more liberal limits and less boats which will make the trip very worth while. Thanks for reading my report and check out our Facebook and Instagram for more photos.