Kingfisher lodge


Craig Alaska sport fishing report for July 29th, 2020 Kingfisher Lodge.

Craig Alaska charter boats have been doing well on salmon the past three days with our boats landing limits of King salmon very early and moving on to bottom fish and Coho salmon. Captains Nils Backstrome and Braden Harding brought home some very envious catches over the three day period landing fish from 40, 35, 30 pounds and down the scale. Fishermen at Kingfisher lodge went home with 4 boxes each for the 3 day trip due to such astounding number of King salmon being caught and their size. Adding in Coho salmon limits, halibut and Ling cod our boys will not be short of fish to eat for quite some time. The state of Alaska has now increased the daily non resident to 3 king salmon a day with 9 in possession! Well that puts the guide and guest at a interesting position…keep fishing kings or go for Cohos? Well most folks will try for kings if they are available in numbers.

So for the past 3 days there have been plenty of Kings and Coho’s around so if you are not afraid to travel and want to come catch fish we have multiple openings in August, give us a call.

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