Kingfisher lodge


Craig Alaska sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge August 12th to the 18th, 2020.

Craig Charter fishermen fishing for silver salmon experienced a decline in the Coho and King salmon numbers as the past 6 days proved. Although those lucky and persistent were able to get limits it was more of a chore to accomplish and some boats did poorly. Captain Backstrome had a group in with 2 GAF halibut and so worried about the upcoming weather decided to spend most of the day after the GAF fish and consequently slammed the bottom fish (which is spectacular as shown above), but was unhappy with his coho catch. Today the 18th the boats at Kingfisher have done much better with Captain Harding catching his limit of Coho’s each day the past few days, Captain Backstrome also limiting on Coho today but having to put in a longer day to accomplish the task.

It appears as the commercial trollers, gillnetters and seiners are experiencing low numbers of salmon this summer. I think the rest of the month for Coho salmon could be a grind to accomplish limits for those coming to the Craig area to fish for the scrappy Silver salmon, but I hope I am wrong and more move in since we need numbers for the rivers and streams providing food for all the wildlife as well as folks coming to the island or those that live on the island depending on the salmon for their years supply of food, not to mention the nutrients they provide for those steams they spawn in.

For those of you coming to our lodge this next few days we look forward having you at our lodge and for those coming to the Craig area to fish we at Kingfisher wish you the best of fishing while visiting Prince of Wales.
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