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Craig Alaska sportfishing report for Kingfisher Lodge August 1st – 8th.

I am finally getting around to posting a report for the past 10 days with no excuse but not doing it, so here goes. The past 2 groups which would cover the above dates the Coho or salmon fishing has remained steady with boats landing limits of nice silvers daily which have been coming in at a steady rate as of the last day of the last group. King salmon are still around in numbers if residents are out looking for them and can wade through the Pinks and Coho to find them. My son in law a commercial troller said he had to leave one area due to too many kings and big ones too for not enough Coho and fear of injuring too many Kings. Halibut fishing remains steady some days better than others and depending on water conditions as to how much good effort can be spent. Looks like an outstanding Pink year if that is what people want which makes Seiners happy but probably no one else, lots of fish is better than no fish so that is the end of this report. Enjoy fishing in Craig if you make it.