Kingfisher lodge


Fishing report Prince of Wales Island June 30th

King Salmon fishing off Craig Alaska has again been very good to fair. Fishing is not lights out by any means but all boats came in with their limits of king salmon everyday. Patience paid off this past week and the weather conditions did not make it any better. Regardless fishing around Noyes Island has continued to deliver King salmoon in good size with the boats catching a 30+ lbs everyday.

The best ocean conditions were on the first day resulting in 2 of the boats that had GAF halibut to catch going after them. Both of them were successful landing one 55 inch halibut and the other landing a 60 inch halibut.

The meyer family had a great time with captain Chuck even though the ocean conditions did not agree with their stomachs. Even then they will be bringing alot of fish home that will last them thru the winter.

Now we will have a 3 day break before we head out with our next group. The commercial trollers open on July 1st and hopefully they will leave some of the king salmon out there for us to catch.