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June 11th 2020 Kingfisher fishing report. State increases King salmon limits.

Our first group arrived on Monday the 8th of June. Due to the Corona virus our first two groups were cancelled due to the 14 day quarantine and the paranoia of travelers worried about getting the virus en route. As in all bad situations good or positive reactions or situations arise to those who are in a situation to be benefactors of the situation. In this case those that take the risk by first being tested for the virus and then traveling to Alaska find an experience not seen in over 20 years…great fishing and no boats! The past 3 weeks fishing has been as good as it gets for King salmon and the only boats a person might see if any are local folks out enjoying the solitude of remote Alaska. Rare as to date to see another charter boat with clients. The boats will increase throughout the summer if people see others traveling and not having problems, confidence will be gained and hopefully this nation can get past this virus that has paralyzed a nation and the globe.

We here at KIngfisher Lodge will continue to use our state required “management plan” to protect ourselves, staff, and guests this summer. Travel to the state is also a hurdle due to the lack of flights available as the airlines keep flights available to a minimum making travel here a challenge.

Back to fishing the past few days has been stellar for King salmon. The outside waters along the coastal shore we are finding large schools of salmon and so non stop action has been our experience and the cool part about it is that the fish seem to be biting as soon as you show up and continue till we pull the last bait out of the water. Much of this is probably due to no pressure or boats hammering away on them but either way we are very happy to be enjoying such a great experience and hope the salmon keep coming throughout the summer.

State of Alaska increased its non resident bag limit to 4 for the remainder of the summer starting June 15th, so we are hoping folks on the fence about coming fishing to Craig will decide it will be worth it and pull the trigger on coming.

For more pictures check out our Facebook page and thanks for reading my report.