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Kingfisher lodge


Craig Alaska charter fishing report for June 14th to June 20th.

Prince of Wales sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge near Craig Alaska, for the above dates. King salmon fishing remains strong with very good King salmon fishing having many multiple hookups mooching. Many of the traditional fishing spots here out of Craig Alaska have fish. Weather has been a bit wet and windy but overall very fish able in most places depending on how hearty the fishing crew is. Boats are few as few lodges are up and running yet due to the corona virus. We have been fortunate to be on our third group of anglers coming to the lodge. We have had a roller coaster of cancellations and bookings due to the uncertainty of many travelers. Each day we will either get a cancellation or a booking…truly a weird summer but fishing is awesome for those able to travel.

Bottom fishing is good but rock fish remain closed with anglers able to retain halibut 45″ and under or over 80″, Ling cod 30 – 45″. Yellow eye remains closed in area 2C outside waters, slope rock fish is one per day.

How hard is it to get to Craig Alaska due to the corona virus? The state is asking that travelers to the state get a pre-test for the virus which all of our guests have done. Some have gone through the Vault company for testing and others have gotten their test through their local medical facility. The state has the “request” that travelers to the state get tested but have not been enforcing the mandate as of yet in Ketchikan. Most travelers coming to Ketchikan are not even asked for their papers so people are free to go as they please. Only the ones that have done the testing hand in their papers it seems. Its a bit of a joke as far as I can see, its something the state can’t enforce or don’t have the wherewithal to do. We ask all our guests to get tested to protect us at our lodge and the folks on our island and we appreciate all who have done this since it is an expense as well as a inconvenience that isn’t fool proof.

Thanks for reading my report and look forward to seeing those that can make it up!