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State of Alaska 5 day testing.

The following paragraph came from the Alaska government web page, and answered a question about what “minimizing contact” means in the context

of the 5-day testing option.   Here’s how Alaska government answered:

“When a person has a negative test result, it provides value as a measure

from a single point in time.   That’s why travelers with a single test

result do not have to go into quarantine.

However, that single test doesn’t account for possible exposure just before or after the test (for example, if you test before you travel, you could be exposed to another traveler who is carrying the virus).

Individuals are expected to get pre-tested, and with that negative test result they are asked to minimize their public interactions until they’ve received a second negative test result or 14 days have passed.

Minimizing interactions does not mean quarantine, but you do need to take more precautions than the usual COVID safety advice.

When you buy food, eat in outdoor settings.  Order delivery if possible.

Wear a face covering if you go into public areas.  Take part in outdoor recreation (such as fishing) instead of visiting a museum.  Postpone attending gatherings until after this window is over.

If you have to be in an indoor space, such as taking a short flight or riding in a shuttle to get to your lodge or outdoor activity, then everyone involved should wash their hands thoroughly and wear a face mask.

Please enjoy our beautiful state safely.”