Kingfisher lodge


Craig Alaska saltwater fishing report June 4th-7th

Fishing near Craig on Prince of Wales island the past 3 days has remained stable although the weather was gale winds and unruly seas giving most anglers queasy stomachs especially after an evening of indulging in alcohol! Limits of King salmon were fairly easy to fill as well as small halibut. Captain Backstrome was able to land a nice catch of larger halibut one day by spending 5 hours searching for them in rough seas, but the crew had hearty stomachs and stalwart attitudes. As June progresses more lodges will open up and by mid June all lodges will be running at full capacity putting more pressure on fishing hot spots so expect to see lots of boats this summer in our small hamlet of a fishing community. Lets hope for sunny skies, flat water and lots of fish! looking forward to a great summer with lots of great and wonderful folks coming to enjoy this great land.

Rich Carron group with a very nice early season catch.
Dan Jawort group with a nice display of King salmon and average size halibut on a stormy days fishing.
John Hughes group with a limit of Kings and average halibut on a blustery fishing day.