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Prince of Wales sport fishing report for Kingfisher Lodge, Craig Alaska July 12th, 2021.

Sport fishing for the Craig charter boats and our boats here at Kingfisher lodge for the past three days has been very good King salmon fishing. The commercial troll fleet was shut off on the 10th of July as most trollers were focused off Noyes island. For most people it was the most trollers present off Noyes island in recent history with up to 100 trollers present, and for good reason, boats were catching! Some boats had record catches for the 10 day opener, but the Kings tended to be smaller. It appears that other parts of SE Alaska or area 2C, didn’t have the volume of Kings that Noyes island had which is why so many showed up once word was out. Now that the trollers are shut off sport fishermen and in particular our boats were fishing off the 50 fathom edge, drifting and landing up to 25 Kings per boat and 22 Coho’s was our top boat yesterday for the Coho.

King salmon limits have been reduced to 1 for the season after July 8th for non residents, we are hoping that they will keep this open at least until the end of the month or longer if possible. This would allow non residents to at least catch one King salmon along with Coho limits. Halibut and bottom fishing remain steady.

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